Supreme Court Of China Declares Cryptocurrency Trading Illegal

In recent weeks, it has been a trying time for the cryptocurrency industry, from experiencing a bearish market trend to the uncertainties of a possible conflict in Eastern Europe and now a war in Ukraine. Another area of the continent that the crypto community wants to see become a trading hub is China, but this … Read more

Saudi Princess: NFTs Are The Next Forces Of Artistic Expression

A prominent member of the Saud royal family of Saudi Arabia, Reem Al-Faisal, has made a supportive remark about non-fungible tokens and the evolution and preservation of human creativity in the modern art industry. According to Reem Al-Faisal, NFTs are the perfect medium that contemporary artists missed out on before their emergence. It is like … Read more

28,000 ETH Staked By An Unknown Ethereum Millionaire

The blockchain network is an avenue for investors to earn rewards by staking and validating transactions. The rewards can be a handful as investors earn more cryptos from staking because investing their funds there is profitable. Transactions worth $140 million have been tracked to have taken place involving the Ethereum staking contract from two anonymous … Read more

Bitcoin Price Continues Its Downward Trend As Large-scale Economic Issues Loom

The past few weeks have been trying times for the world’s leading cryptocurrency as the market instability it has experienced has become its main feature for some time now. As the price of the BTC is currently valued at a little below $38,000, analysts have issued cautions stating that the increasing large-scale economic impact and … Read more

Bitcoin Set For A Bearish Trend As On-Chain Activity Indicates Continuous Pressure

The going has not been good enough in the last few days for the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as the on-chain activity data shows consistent losses for holders, making them more likely to dump their tokens to buyers. According to cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis firm, Glassnode, there is a chance of a bearish market trend … Read more

OpenSea Smart Contract Upgrade To Remove Inactive NFTs From Ethereum

Another planned upgrade is expected on the OpenSea network as plans are underway to take the system to a new level by updating existing features to boost efficiency. One of the leading NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, is on the verge of upgrading its smart contracts to allow users to move their NFT collections to a new … Read more

Value Of Token Rises By 10% As Whales Shift Their Focus To MATIC

Despite holding most of their portfolio in stablecoins, whales have now shifted their attention to MATIC tokens as an alternative way to spread their expanding portfolios. According to WhaleStats, whales from the top 500 of the Ethereum blockchain recently took a plunge by buying a million dollars’ worth of MATIC tokens, currently selling at a … Read more

The Main Reason Why Cardano Plans To Increase Incentives For White Hat Hackers

After the previous incident, where a white hat hacker noticed a bug in Cardano’s blockchain network, Cardano plans to double the bounty rewards for subsequent hacking, effective through March 25th, 2022. The Cardano Foundation announced the increased bounty reward today, stating that it has incentives to encourage white hat hackers to do more in finding … Read more

Stormy Days Are Expected As Crypto Investors Restrict Risks Ahead Of March Rate Hike

There appear to be challenging days ahead for cryptocurrency investors as they strategize ahead of an impending rate hike, according to renowned analytics firm Glassnode. The analysis released by Glassnode shows investors in the Bitcoin blockchain hedging out to keep them afloat and secure against the imminent hike in interest rates to be carried out … Read more

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