USDT Takes This Approach to Win Stablecoin Clash with USDC

The fight between the leading stablecoins still witnesses new feuds monthly, with each project taking a turn to plan its winning game. Meanwhile, here is everything about the present status of the never-ending competition. Where to Place You Bet? Stablecoins have their overall market cap at around $153.8 billion, with $56 billion in trading volume … Read more

Sonos Stock Plummets Amid Weak Demand

Sonos reported $372.8M in revenue in Q3, less than the $424.03M consensus. Sonos claims that inflation contributed to the softened revenue during the quarter. Market analysts expected $302.6M adjusted EBITDA on $1.98B in sales. Sonos (SONO) shares lost 15% after the renowned audio-products producer trimmed its full-year projection for revenue and adjusted EBITDA. Sonos Misses … Read more

Can Dogecoin (DOGE) Surge 40% Before Q3 End?

Dogecoin has exhibited downward tendencies for over one year. However, the meme coin has one support zone that kept investors optimistic despite the current bear market. Unfortunately, Dogecoin lost that barrier, and the altcoin has seen many changes. Meanwhile, the question is, can the alt eventually reclaim the vital support level to support a stable … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): What Near-Term Investors Need to Know Before Exiting

The world’s leading crypto, Bitcoin, relies on two primary triggers for support. Precisely, the mining activity & transactional requirements through the Lightning Network. However, the former seems to have taken a massive blow, whereas the latter still leads the network to new heights. Here’s the Correlation The latest crypto market crash trapped Bitcoin miners within … Read more

USD/INR Comeback Encounters Challenges, but a Move to 80 Still Possible

Briefly- USD/INR maintained a massive recovery over the last few days. Federal Reserve and RSPI seem to diverge. RBI might slow its rate hikes in the short term. USD/INR had its price moving sideways today as market players contemplated the recent interest rate moves by the Reserve of India and the Federal Reserve. Also, the … Read more

Binance Coin (BNB): What Holders Can Expect

Considering the ascending wedge emerging on the 24hr chart, BNB holders should beware that the 5th leading crypto can embark on bearish runs. BNB remains the only token among the top 5 digital assets to record impressive gains within the past week, gaining around 14%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and Ethereum gained 2.05% and 2.42%, respectively, within … Read more

Near Protocol (NEAR): How Security Update Has Impacted Investor Confidence

Solana dominated the news lately after addressing this week’s exploit by emphasizing the need to heighten wallet address protection. Meanwhile, NEAR protocol took note promptly, taking the move to enhance security for NEAR wallet users. Moreover, Near Protocol recently confirmed securing reviews on the wallets early this week. That comprises searching for possible vulnerabilities that … Read more

Will Novavax’s Recent Wins Help It Drop the Meme Tag During Earnings Announcement?

Briefly – Novavax adds approximately 14% ahead of its Q2 results report. The firm has won multiple say-sos for its COVID vaccine. Analysts expect Novavax to announce higher earnings. Novavax, Inc. isn’t the usual meme stock like AMC and GameStop. Nevertheless, NASDAQ: NVAX has attracted retail investor attention at the least of the updates. Things … Read more

EUR/GBP Prediction Ahead of BOE’s Massive Rate Hike

EUR/GBP Prediction Ahead of BOE’s Massive Rate Hike Briefly – EUR/GBP has lost 4% from June’s highest mark. Focus remains on the upcoming rate decision by the Bank of England. The central bank will introduce a 0.50% interest rate increase to curb inflation. EUR/GBO maintained sideways moves early on Thursday as market players concentrated on … Read more

1.4B MATIC Locked In: What Might Follow Next?

Polygon has published an update about its network. Polygon contract address freed 13.87% of the overall supply to the foundation address. Polygon’s officials revealed an allocation of 640 million MATIC to the team (staked directly). Meanwhile, 546M MATIC coins will go to the foundation, whereas 200M goes for Staking awards. The Polygon community reacted to … Read more

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