Litecoin (LTC) Drops to $61.18 Following Bearish Streak – Price Analysis

Briefly- Litecoin price presents a bearish trend. The altcoin discovered support near $60. LTC prices saw a 6.53% decline. Litecoin price indicates bearish markets today as LTC saw further declines. The alternative token has exhibited downside trends within the past couple of days as a bearish streak dragged the asset towards $61.18. Litecoin discovered a … Read more

Shopify Stock Ready for Bearish Breakout

Briefly- Shopify has weakened within the past couple of months. The firm’s market capitalization declined to $44 billion from $250 billion. The pessimistic pennant setup suggests a bearish breakout. The Shopify stock saw its price on massive bearishness within the past couple of months as investors reacted to the firm’s slow growth. It trades under … Read more

Polygon (MATIC) 50% Down from May Highs; More Pain to Come?

Digital assets that shed 50% on their respective charts can witness more declines. Polygon has maintained continued declines since the last session of March. The bearish run saw the alt flipping $1.2 to a supply region from demand territory during the past month. Moreover, the asset’s unique addresses have plunged by 85%. Whale transfers were … Read more

S&P 500 Declines as Quantitative Tightening Begins – What Next?

S&P 500 welcomes the new month with declines. Quantitative tightening (QT) began on 1 June. Everything depends on US Treasury. Yesterday was the initial trading day of the new month, a challenging day for investors to trade regardless of the month. Meanwhile, 1 June was trickier as the QT (quantitative tightening) program began. Consider quantitative … Read more

Should You Buy NRG Energy Stock Following Impressive Earnings?

NRG Energy stock returned 8% YTD and 25% in May. The company announced robust earnings amidst surging energy prices. NRG stock broke a crucial resistance and targeted higher zones. NRG Energy, Inc. saw its stock forming a massive resistance that appeared challenging to overpower at $43. The share trades under NYSE: NRG ticker. Meanwhile, the … Read more

Claim Justice Review: Staying A Step Ahead of Those Scammers

If you are an online trader, investor or consumer the term website security might not be alien to you. Website security ensures protection against cyberattacks, something that has become very  common as the world adopts more and more internet technology. As cyberattack increases so does reliance on security providing platforms. Claim Justice is one such … Read more

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