Modernizing Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs for Long term

Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Bullet Blockchain Acquires First Patent Licencing Agreement With US-Based BTC ATM Makers Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Cryptocurrency ATMs undergo a software transformation due to the vertical integration of Bitcoin Depot’s software and hardware, which eliminates the requirement for yearly proprietary software payments. There … Read more

U.S. Regulator Takes a Shot at All Assets Except Bitcoin (BTC)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chair has announced that all virtual crypto assets should be treated as securities except BTC. The Securities and Exchange Commission chairman disclosed to the New York Magazine that initiatives are securities since there’s a community in the middle and the public expects benefits based on that community. This action … Read more

Understanding Cryptocurrencies’ Shadow Side and the Importance of Transparency

Concerns on Misuse of Crypto in Fraudulent Activities India’s Advocacy for Cryptocurrency Regulations Need for Stringent Measures as Russia Already Dodges Set Limits in Crypto Concerns on Misuse of Crypto in Fraudulent Activities The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, has expressed her concern about the misuse of crypto in illegal activity and the … Read more

Will Other Nations Adopt India’s Approach to Digital Currency?

The new Indian digital currency, the digital rupee, is a new method of using funds slightly similar to the paper money issued by banks currently in circulation. The only difference is that the new form of currency is expected to be utilized more often and exchanged digitally. The Central Bank Digital Currency is upheld as … Read more

Fi Network Declares Fully Transparent Token Airdrop & Crypto Network

Latest initiatives in the virtual asset atmosphere have indicated that the industry is in dire need of a fully transparent virtual asset atmosphere, which is what the group behind the Fi protocol is working relentlessly to establish. Fi protocol is a virtual asset initiative and community incubator emphasizing transparency and security. It consolidates various independent … Read more

Shibarium to Launch this Week

According to the recent tweet, the official Bone ShibaSwap Twitter handle has noted the three most significant headlines for those who advocate the Shiba Inu initiatives. To begin with is the fact that the project’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, announced that Shibarium Beta would be launched this week, and the other headline is that more … Read more

Huobi Hong Kong Exchange Launched Amid Regulatory Pressure

A major asset exchange founded in China, Huobi, has announced its strategy to acquire regulatory confirmation in Hong Kong to offer crypto services in the unique Chinese financial zone. The announcement came just after the local Securities & Futures Commission purported that it is including changes in its present guidelines enabling retail customers to transact … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Fever: Top Adopters & Curiosity about the World’s Leading Cryptocurrency

World’s top 5 Bitcoin Adopters A recent study by has found that the United States is the country with the highest level of interest in Bitcoin worldwide. The study considered the number of Google searches for Bitcoin, data on cryptocurrency holdings, and the number of Bitcoin ATMs per 100,000 persons in each country. The … Read more

Crypto Market Shows Signs of Sustainability

The previous year has been disastrous for the crypto-based industries and the virtual asset market; however, this year could be prosperous for the crypto ecosystem. Several major signs, plus the shifting macroeconomic environment, indicate that crypto is headed toward a bullish year. In January 2020, the virtual digital asset markets regained a market cap of … Read more

Why the Crypto Asset Industry Requires Governance

Financial industry policy experts and professionals have seen the significance of guidelines in securing investors and users and avoiding financial misconduct. It has become a popular occurrence that the robust extending digital industry needs more governance. While some proclaim that virtual digital assets’ anonymous and decentralized nature is a liquidation point, the worst thing is … Read more

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