Bitcoin (BTC) Fever: Top Adopters & Curiosity about the World’s Leading Cryptocurrency

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World’s top 5 Bitcoin Adopters

A recent study by has found that the United States is the country with the highest level of interest in Bitcoin worldwide. The study considered the number of Google searches for Bitcoin, data on cryptocurrency holdings, and the number of Bitcoin ATMs per 100,000 persons in each country.

The study combined variables to create a score and assigned each country a score out of 100 to determine their level of interest in Bitcoin.

United States of America

With overall points of 54.95, The Us is the nation with the highest level of Bitcoin obsession worldwide. In addition, the amount of Bitcoin ATMs in the country is impressive, demonstrating the rising popularity of digital currency.

Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency in the US, with 13.22% of the populace having a bitcoin wallet. In addition, the US is one of the top nations in Bitcoin adoption internationally due to the vast number of Bitcoin ATMs and the relatively high percentage.

The popularity and acceptance of Bitcoin in the US are evidence of the developing legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment and investing.

El Salvador

El Salvador has made a name for itself in the industry with a total score of 46.19 and the second-highest global ranking for Bitcoin interest. Bitcoin is a legal tender in the nation after the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador made it legal in 2021.

As a result, it became the first country globally to adopt Bitcoin as its legal tender and thus stands out as a popular destination for digital currency enthusiasts. The significant degree of interest in the nation, as seen by most worldwide Google searches for Bitcoin coming from El Salvador, may be due to this status.

In addition, the country is also the most popular in Latin America for Bitcoin ATM usage, with 212 machines accessible. El Salvador is a hotspot of Bitcoin operations and a shining example of how digital currencies are becoming more and more accepted thanks to its extensive network of ATMs and legal tender status.


With only a rating of 35.69, Vietnam has emerged as a market pioneer regarding the usage and awareness of bitcoin. The nation has made accessing and utilizing cryptocurrencies more convenient with eight Bitcoin ATMs.

Vietnam has the highest global ownership rate of cryptocurrencies (26%). It is becoming the most well-known Asian nation for digital money due to its intense awareness of Bitcoin. Bitcoin solidified its status as a good form of investment in Vietnam and the rest of Asia due to its high degree of possession and availability.


Canada ranks 4th on the chart with a rating of 35.49, indicating a growing interest in Bitcoin. There are currently 2,645 Bitcoin ATMs operating nationwide, which is a sizable quantity. Also, per 100,000 residents, Canada has the second-highest density of Bitcoin ATMs.

Cryptocurrency is owned by 4.1% of people, with Bitcoin accounting for most such holdings. The country received a total score of 35.49 out of 100 due to the rising Bitcoin ownership and many ATMs.


Nigeria, which ranks 5th on the list of nations highly engaged in Bitcoin, has made a name for itself in the Bitcoin world with a score of 25.31. Nigeria has a great interest in and recognition of the digital currency, as evidenced by the fact that it is the continent’s pioneer in Bitcoin adoption and is placed 2nd worldwide for Google Trends searches data for the cryptocurrency.

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