FTX Saga: Traders Move Over 80K BTC Out Of Exchange Wallets

The sudden fall and collapse of one of the largest crypto exchanges globally, FTX, has continued to exert a negative effect on the crypto markets. The current liquidity and bearish appearance of the market have also continued to create fear in traders, investors, and sellers. Although, the dumping and sale of holding have been ongoing … Read more

SEC Charges Crypto Ponzi Company’s CEO and His 3 Advocators for $295 Million Fraud

The United States (US) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has arrested the Trade Coin Club CEO together with his three advocates. They have been prosecuted for allegedly defrauding their clients of Bitcoin (BTC), worth approximately $300 million. They executed such fraudulent activity through a crypto Ponzi project called Trade Coin Club. SEC asserted on Friday, … Read more

Altcoins Rise Amid UK’s Move To Regulate Crypto Transactions

Leading coins were up early on October 26 as the current valuation of all cryptocurrencies increased by about 5 percent to $976 billion. In contrast, the total volume of the cryptocurrency market rose by nearly 69 percent in the 24 hours to $89.24 billion. Crypto Current Leading Performers The value of one BTC is $20,245, … Read more

Valkyrie To Liquidate Bitcoin ETF Due To Poor Demand

On Tuesday, bitcoin investment company Valkyrie Funds announced it would be liquidating its Balance Sheet Options ETF. It had focused on the bitcoin bull market but had failed to gain traction in its brief existence. Investors To Get Full Refund Each shareholder who owns the funds’ assets at the time of its liquidation would get … Read more

Bitcoin Holds On To $20k As Whale Pressure Controls Resistance

Indicators On The Charts Suggest A Potential Breakthrough The Bitcoin price remains contained inside a trading range that is all too familiar. Investors are keeping a keen eye out for events that might spark a period of increased volatility. There are indications on the charts that point to a possible breakthrough. Throughout the week, the … Read more

Bank Of Namibia Says Crypto Can Be Used For Payment 

According to a recent announcement, the BON (Bank of Namibia) has added “VASP (virtual assets service providers) and VA (virtual assets) under the country’s Fintech Innovations Regulatory Framework. However, digital currencies are not yet recognized as a legal means of exchange in Namibia.  BON Considering Amending Crypto Regulation  Last month, the BON said digital currencies … Read more

Amid BTC Price Efforts To Break $20.5k, Bitcoin Outperforms Shorts

Bitcoin Keeps “Vital” Data Private. $19,600 Zone According to data provided by Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView, the BTC/USD pair on Bitstamp increased after hitting a local low of $19,740. It occurred at the same time the stock market started on October 5. As the pair rebounded from its earlier losses, early shorts saw they’re … Read more

Flynt Finance Introduces A High-Yield Crypto Product On Bitcoin

The Singapore-based digital asset services provider announced the launch of high-yield Bitcoin products for consumers amid the ongoing bear market. Flynt Launches High-Return Crypto Product The crypto market is the go-to space for high-risk, high-return investment assets. This is primarily due to the volatile price movements of digital tokens. And controlling risks for such assets … Read more

Nasdaq Crypto Move Holds The Key to Price Recovery In Digital Assets

The world’s second-largest stock exchange has launched an ambitious drive to see the struggling crypto market reverse its dwindling market fortunes. Nasdaq Plans to Establish Digital Assets Units Bloomberg reported that the new crypto unit would cater to institutional investors’ demand for digital assets. Moreover, Nasdaq officials noted that the new department was established in … Read more

Ethereum Merge Fears Trigger Outflows in Crypto Investment Products

The impending Ethereum merger has caused concern among institutional investors as the digital asset industry sees a surge in outflows of ETH from exchanges. Crypto Investment Products Plunge Amid Ethereum Merge CoinShares’ Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly Report shows the number of outflows from exchanges. According to the report, crypto investment products experienced outflows totaling … Read more

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