Ethereum Price Surges by 9% as Whale Purchases ETH in Bulk Amount

Due to the increasing price of Bitcoin, the whole crypto market is seeing a rapid inflow of investments from FOMO-ridden investors. In the past week alone, the crypto market has grown by 5.41% and currently sits at $1.08 trillion. The trickle-down effect has also affected Ethereum, which has grown by 4.56% in the past 24 … Read more

USDC to Regain $1 Peg Following Fed Announcement

Circle, the parent company behind the stablecoin USDC, had its $3.3 billion reserves stuck in the failed Silicon Valley Bank. This caused USDC, the second-largest stablecoin in the crypto market, to lose its $1 peg. However, after some positive developments regarding the SVB hoax, USDC is all set to regain its $1 peg. The stablecoin … Read more

CFTC Chief Says Ethereum is a Commodity by Nature

The debate between the SEC and CFTC on the matter of cryptocurrency regulations is only growing spicier with time. The Chairperson of CFTC recently faced off against his SEC counterpart on the matter of Bitcoin-only remarks. For context, SEC chairperson Gary Gensler recently remarked that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is not an unregistered … Read more

The Future of the Crypto Industry Blazes Hot

The Creators of Holdnaut stress the value of long-term corporate strategy An innovative project by block BeanQuest debuts on Binance Smart Chain as it Enters the Web3 gaming space The Creators of Holdnaut Stress the Value of Long-Term Corporate Strategy A crypto interest network based in Singapore, Hodlnaut’s co-creators have been looking for buyers who … Read more

Modernizing Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs for Long term

Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Bullet Blockchain Acquires First Patent Licencing Agreement With US-Based BTC ATM Makers Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Cryptocurrency ATMs undergo a software transformation due to the vertical integration of Bitcoin Depot’s software and hardware, which eliminates the requirement for yearly proprietary software payments. There … Read more

U.S. Regulator Takes a Shot at All Assets Except Bitcoin (BTC)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chair has announced that all virtual crypto assets should be treated as securities except BTC. The Securities and Exchange Commission chairman disclosed to the New York Magazine that initiatives are securities since there’s a community in the middle and the public expects benefits based on that community. This action … Read more

Crypto Market Shows Signs of Sustainability

The previous year has been disastrous for the crypto-based industries and the virtual asset market; however, this year could be prosperous for the crypto ecosystem. Several major signs, plus the shifting macroeconomic environment, indicate that crypto is headed toward a bullish year. In January 2020, the virtual digital asset markets regained a market cap of … Read more

Protecting Against Forecasted Risks: How El Salvador’s Adoption of Bitcoin Achieves Stability

Bitcoin Enlightens the Economy House of Republicans Lock Horns with SEC Global Cryptocurrency Regulations Bitcoin Enlightens the Economy In 2021, El Salvador attracted worldwide attention by being the first to declare Bitcoin as an official currency. The IMF recently visited the country in Central America as part of its annual assessment process and after El … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls, Ethereum Remains Bullish – Market Analysis

Is the Recent Bull Run Over? The crypto market has had a fantastic start to the new year, with prices soaring to new heights. However, as with all upward trends, there are also downsides. Some analysts question whether the market will continue to see an uptick or if the bullish rally has ended. Bitcoin Derails: … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Denied Entry by Sri Lanka’s Central Bank Governor

An American venture capital investor, Mr. Tim Draper, tried to convey BTC to Sri Lanka, but his effort was eventually rejected. So instead, he emphasized the assimilation of BTC in Sri Lanka to assist them in countering the ongoing economic disaster. Mr. Tim Draper was in Sri Lanka to film an episode of Meet the … Read more

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