Cardano’s Vision 2022: Charles Hoskinson Set To Announce Release Date For “Mamba”

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Cardano seems to be the most active blockchain network, with multiple projects to up its game and keep it a step ahead of its competitors.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has revealed the plans in store for the network’s growth later in the year. The founder informs the community of the imminent release date for the latest update to the network, Mamba.

Cardano’s Development

Cardano is among the blockchain players whose every move and plan has been documented and reported, as it has seen significant late developments. But the nagging question usually directed at the blockchain network is how it can join the pieces together.

Many open-source systems (OSS) have a legal framework to bring together their structures, collaborations, and financial models. Cardano has functioned under an open-source foundation.

Cardano’s founder has shed more light on the new protocol and upcoming development plans. According to Hoskinson, the possibility of incorporating other languages like Polyglot into Cardano’s network is in the pipe. Cardano’s blockchain has been known to use a functional programming language known as “Haskell.” Including another language would further include some of the leading programming languages like Javascript and Python.

The Roadmap

According to the 2022 plan, as revealed by Hoskinson, Cardano has already started delivering parts of the previous updates promised by the network. And as Cardano makes inroads into the Basho beta phase, the development team, Input-Output, will put more effort into optimizing and scaling the blockchain network with tweaks and enhancements to increase capacity.

A massive development such as this would lead to congestion and sloppy services in the network, and a surge in traffic has been anticipated, hence the latest protocol.

Enter Mamba

Mamba is a two-way bridge designed to allow tokens and other digital assets from one chain to be used on another different chain, with the results returning to the original chain that initiated the action. 

Not only is Mamba expected to connect the chains and operate the side chains, but it is also a generic footprint if a user wants to create another side chain. Once the Mamba has been launched in the Cardano network, the concerns about congestion and slow processing will cease to happen.

The release date for Mamba will be announced later this month or later in April.

Hoskinson also added that Cardano is unfazed by the slow development concerns already discussed. The most crucial thing for the blockchain network is its self-determination to be the best.

Compared to its rival, Ethereum, both have standard features, such as sidechains. The most widely acknowledged difference between them is that while Cardano uses an extended UTXO and Plutus, Ethereum adopts Solidity and EVM to its model.

Many users on the Cardano blockchain network complained that the network was far from achieving its promised drive for decentralization, despite repeated promises by the Cardano team.

Can Cardano achieve its purported goals for the year? Time will reveal everything.

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