CFTC Chief Says Ethereum is a Commodity by Nature

The debate between the SEC and CFTC on the matter of cryptocurrency regulations is only growing spicier with time. The Chairperson of CFTC recently faced off against his SEC counterpart on the matter of Bitcoin-only remarks. For context, SEC chairperson Gary Gensler recently remarked that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is not an unregistered … Read more

MENA Region Views Crypto As Investment Opportunity

Although last year saw persistent bearish conditions, the executive chairman of Iceberg Capital Limited, Mustafa Kheriba, believes that the adoption and interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency have remained strong. Kheriba supports this claim by citing the 23rd State of the Developer report, which indicates that experienced software creators are probably working on blockchain initiatives. Despite … Read more

Kuna and Binance Confirm the Suspension of Bank Cards Transactions in Ukraine

To deter the use of Ukraine’s national currency, the hryvnia, on crypto exchanges, the Central Bank of Ukraine has prohibited crypto transactions through bank cards. In addition, Kuna, the country’s main exchange, and Binance have also announced the suspension of crypto exchanges with bank cards denominated in Ukrainian hryvnia. With Ukraine’s temporary ban on hryvnia … Read more

Silvergate Suspends Services After Suffering Losses

Silvergate once again hit the headlines after the firm suspended some of the virtual and digital asset operations on its platform after the financial institution involved with the distribution of its digital coin raised concerns about the viability of the digital asset. The crypto transaction service is one of the best services that SEN, the … Read more

BitTorrent Partner with Huobi to Enhance Blockchain Services

Huobi, one of the major crypto exchanges in the world, announced that they would be partnering with the BitTorrent Chain ecosystem. The crypto exchange partnership with the blockchain solution will allow effortless crypto exchange by linking smart blockchains comprising BNB chain, Tron, and ETH, Huobi announced in a press release by Decrypt. According to the … Read more

U.S. Regulator Takes a Shot at All Assets Except Bitcoin (BTC)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chair has announced that all virtual crypto assets should be treated as securities except BTC. The Securities and Exchange Commission chairman disclosed to the New York Magazine that initiatives are securities since there’s a community in the middle and the public expects benefits based on that community. This action … Read more

Shibarium to Launch this Week

According to the recent tweet, the official Bone ShibaSwap Twitter handle has noted the three most significant headlines for those who advocate the Shiba Inu initiatives. To begin with is the fact that the project’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, announced that Shibarium Beta would be launched this week, and the other headline is that more … Read more

Huobi Hong Kong Exchange Launched Amid Regulatory Pressure

A major asset exchange founded in China, Huobi, has announced its strategy to acquire regulatory confirmation in Hong Kong to offer crypto services in the unique Chinese financial zone. The announcement came just after the local Securities & Futures Commission purported that it is including changes in its present guidelines enabling retail customers to transact … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Fever: Top Adopters & Curiosity about the World’s Leading Cryptocurrency

World’s top 5 Bitcoin Adopters A recent study by has found that the United States is the country with the highest level of interest in Bitcoin worldwide. The study considered the number of Google searches for Bitcoin, data on cryptocurrency holdings, and the number of Bitcoin ATMs per 100,000 persons in each country. The … Read more

Crypto Market Shows Signs of Sustainability

The previous year has been disastrous for the crypto-based industries and the virtual asset market; however, this year could be prosperous for the crypto ecosystem. Several major signs, plus the shifting macroeconomic environment, indicate that crypto is headed toward a bullish year. In January 2020, the virtual digital asset markets regained a market cap of … Read more

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