Decentralized Social To Incorporate USDC To Promote Web3 

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Decentralized Social (DeSo), a recently founded blockchain, looks to provide Web3 to the masses. Next week, it will incorporate USDC to begin working on the project. With the integration, DeSo can become an inter-chain social mainnet for Web3. 

DeSo To Use USDC To Advance Web3

DeSo is a blockchain blended with social features. It allows users to send encrypted texts on a Twitter-looking platform. It is the first layer capable of migrating ETH users from DApp to SApps. 

Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, and Sequoia supports DeSo. Recently, the blockchain raised $200 million in fundraising backed by these exchanges. DeSo provides decentralized socialization to Ethereum users on its network. 

Following DeSo’s incorporation of USDC, Metamask and Ethereum custodians can use decentralized social applications. They can send gasless on-chain end-to-end encrypted messages to one another. Besides that, they can do gasless creation of profiles, gasless posting, and gasless following. 

These features are on a completely decentralized social roadmap. To enjoy these services, a user will transfer USDC to DeSo from Metamask. Afterward, they will receive a DeSo blockchain native stablecoin called Desodollar. 

Stablecoin transactions on DeSo will become gasless after integrating USDC. The blockchain is looking to build a bridge between it and Ethereum. The bride will aid developers develop social apps on Web3. 

Nader Al-Neji, the founder of DeSo, said that subsisting blockchains do not have efficient storage. He added that Ethereum charges $50 to save a two-hundred-character post. Meanwhile, Avalanche, Polygon, and Solana collect fifteen cents. 

He also stated that DeSo is the first mainnet capable of riving heavyweight social apps. 

DeSo Future Targets

For now, DeSo props only USDC. However, it seeks to enter other blockchains in the future. Solana is one of its current targets. 

Nader asserted that DeSo does not plan to relate with a single chain. As a cross-chain layer, it seeks to unite all other layers with itself. Users should be able to stay connected regardless of the blockchain they are on. 

DeSo has had a flurry of successes in recent days. Earlier this year, Coinbase listed its native stablecoin. Also, last year, it established a connection with Metamask that saw its price explode. 

Furthermore, several social networks are building on DeSo, with Diamond topping the list. Diamond recorded a rise in its userbase over the last few months.

USDC and DeSo are in tandem as rivals against Web2 bandwagons. They offer decentralized solutions to conventional social media. Naji said developing a social app on DeSo doesn’t feel like building on a blockchain.

He further stated that DeSo has a chance at extending Web3. It can transcend Web3 from leveling finance to leveling the entire social media space. 

DeSo plans to bring new innovations to Web3 through the social network. It seeks to partner with leading blockchains to expand Web3. USDC is the first step in realizing its agenda.

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