Ethereum2.0 Developers Ask the Community’s Help To Test the Network Merge

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The developers of ETH (Ethereum) have invited the network’s community to assist in testing the long-expected Merge among Beacon Chain, which is based on PoS (proof-of-stake), and Etherem mainnet. The Merge counts to be a prominent landmark towards the evolution in the direction of Eth2 because it will witness the transition of the Ethereum network into a PoS-based blockchain, which would minimize the energy consumption thereof to nearly 99%. On 29th November, Marius van der Wijden (an Ethereum developer) declared the latest project to grasp the attention of the community towards getting into the Merge testing, which includes three layers as non-technical consumers, highly experienced as well as technical blockchain developers, and developers having limited experience.

The developer posted on his official Twitter account that the best method of contributing is to assist in the process of Etehreum testing. He added that the network is beginning a unique program for focusing the community towards the testing of the Merge. The non-technical consumers are provided by the self-guided project with tasks like organizing consensus layer customers, sending transactions, and reporting errors. In the case of technical clients, they will be able to opt for targets like testing and deploying contracts and organizing their testnets, and executing their operating validators. Whereas highly technical clients are capable of reviewing the specifications, offering invalid blocks along with splitting the network through using invalid blocks to conduct voting on them.

The respective program has given an invitation to the entire community to take part in this process and do the work of as much amount as they can and share the respective progress online on Twitter. Wijden moved on to focus the community’s attention towards the R&D channel of Ethereum for maintaining the communication between the participants during the entire process of testing the respective project. The program does not provide a reward. However, if the participants identified any severe bug related to consensus, Wijden teased them to buy their favourite beverage at the upcoming DevCon.

As per the page made for Eth2 on the website “,” the respective Merge will be accomplished by 2022’s Q1 or Q2. The Merge counts to be the concluding chapter in the evolution of blockchain towards the PoS consensus. Nevertheless, some additional work is still to be done in advance of the completion of ETH 2.0 transition and sharding.

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