Stock Markets Experience Significant Decline on Friday Due to Bank Selloffs and SVB Failure

On Friday, both European and US stock markets experienced a significant decline. First, European stocks saw drops, with the DAX and CAC down by 1.32% and 1.30%, respectively. The FTSE 100 also fell a staggering 1.67%, while the RTSI in the east declined over 0.86%. The US’s Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 1.07%, while … Read more

SelfKey Introduces AI and zk-Based Solutions

SelfKey, a decentralized identity platform, has recently released new zero-knowledge and artificial intelligence solutions for secure digital verification. These solutions target to improve the privacy and security of online identity verification processes. The AI-based solution, SelfKey Credentials Exchange, enables customers to securely verify and share their digital information with third-party service providers without vulnerability. The … Read more

Starbucks & Mizar to Make Waves in the Crypto World – MZR Token Launch and NFT Rewards

Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program Mizar Introduces the $MZR Token Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program By launching its Starbucks Odyssey loyalty campaign upon the Ethereum sidechain platform Polygon, the well-known coffee brand Starbucks is making essential advancements in the Web3 arena. The company has already given away some complimentary … Read more

MENA Region Views Crypto As Investment Opportunity

Although last year saw persistent bearish conditions, the executive chairman of Iceberg Capital Limited, Mustafa Kheriba, believes that the adoption and interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency have remained strong. Kheriba supports this claim by citing the 23rd State of the Developer report, which indicates that experienced software creators are probably working on blockchain initiatives. Despite … Read more

Kuna and Binance Confirm the Suspension of Bank Cards Transactions in Ukraine

To deter the use of Ukraine’s national currency, the hryvnia, on crypto exchanges, the Central Bank of Ukraine has prohibited crypto transactions through bank cards. In addition, Kuna, the country’s main exchange, and Binance have also announced the suspension of crypto exchanges with bank cards denominated in Ukrainian hryvnia. With Ukraine’s temporary ban on hryvnia … Read more

Silvergate Suspends Services After Suffering Losses

Silvergate once again hit the headlines after the firm suspended some of the virtual and digital asset operations on its platform after the financial institution involved with the distribution of its digital coin raised concerns about the viability of the digital asset. The crypto transaction service is one of the best services that SEN, the … Read more

BitTorrent Partner with Huobi to Enhance Blockchain Services

Huobi, one of the major crypto exchanges in the world, announced that they would be partnering with the BitTorrent Chain ecosystem. The crypto exchange partnership with the blockchain solution will allow effortless crypto exchange by linking smart blockchains comprising BNB chain, Tron, and ETH, Huobi announced in a press release by Decrypt. According to the … Read more

Probing the Evolution of Monetary systems

The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Trials for CBDC Nationwide Heightens Crypto Regulatory Measures Is Silvergate on the Verge of Exiting the Market? The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Trials for CBDC The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) intends to start several trial projects to examine the financial benefits and possible applications of an Australian central bank … Read more

Solana CEO Reveals Plan to Upgrade Network Amid Outage

Solana attracted some attention from the public after its systems were down for almost an entire day following routine maintenance. The developers behind the blockchain network announced that the Outage was a glitch in the system, and it has been amended on the second attempt. The chief executive officer of Solana labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, announced … Read more

Modernizing Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs for Long term

Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Bullet Blockchain Acquires First Patent Licencing Agreement With US-Based BTC ATM Makers Bitcoin Depot converts BTC ATMs into software-based devices Cryptocurrency ATMs undergo a software transformation due to the vertical integration of Bitcoin Depot’s software and hardware, which eliminates the requirement for yearly proprietary software payments. There … Read more

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