Hong Kong Police have Rescued Crypto Trader Kidnapped by Local Gang

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Recently a crypto trader in Hong Kong was kidnapped by a group of anonymous people; the police of Hong Kong are still searching for those responsible and making arrests. Luckily the crypto trader who was kidnapped got saved by the police and is now safe. According to a local media report, a 39-year-old crypto trader on November 6 went to Kowloon Bay to meet a potential customer who wanted to buy crypto from him or wanted to hire him for crypto trading-related endeavors.

Later on, when he met with the potential buyer, the person suggested that he and the crypto trader should go to the industrial building in the vicinity. And when they reached there, a group of men who were already waiting for the crypto trader to show up stood up and attacked the crypto trader with hammers and metal chairs. According to the report published by a local newspaper, the trader was asked to give up his mobile phone along with his banking and crypto trading login credentials.

Police Arrested Seven People

The very next day same trader was blindfolded and taken to a container terminal, and from there on in the evening, he traveled to a village in Tai Po, and he got hammered there again and physically attacked too. The family of the victim, three days after his kidnapping on November 9, reported the crime to the police that the crypto trader didn’t come home for many days and was nowhere to be found. The police were able to scout the area and proceed with the investigation and narrow it down to the village where the victim was taken.

The crypto trader managed to make an escape through a window in the attic, which was smashed, and he continued to run and head towards the city. He was rescued by the police after some time as they approached to reach the hut where the victim was held for many days. Several arrests have been made, and more men suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of this crypto trader got arrested in the following days. The crypto trader got several bruises and fractures in the arms and legs and is at the moment undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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