Legend Of Tolkado: Metaverse Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Exclusive Game-Ready NFTs

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a revelation in the world of digital arts and collections, following their wide acceptance by content creators of different niches and the crypto industry, evolving into an irreplaceable part of financial transactions.

Tolkado is set to release another NFT project that is gradually grabbing the attention of many as its launch date approaches. Tolkado has a significant growing community of fans and enthusiasts alike, and the project also promises a wide range of utilities to make it one of its kind.

The Plot

When humanity was not in existence, the earth was occupied by mystical creatures, some super-human species whose supernatural abilities were equal to that of the Roman gods. The super-human species are known as the Eternals. But other ancient evils awake to disrupt the peace.

The Eternals are the gatekeepers on earth whose sole role is to maintain the peace and tranquility of the planet from external aggression. 

The Eternals were powerless to stop them because they proved too difficult to subdue; they were akin to gods because of their immortality. The wise men of earth recommended the gods-slayer sword against the enemies, and the world needed a hero to take charge of the situation. His name is Tolkado.

NFT Items

The Tolkado NFT pieces were inspired by the story of heroism, which includes about 10,000 carefully selected historical war characters that showcase strength, toughness, and perseverance. The collection is one-of-a-kind creativity and artistic imagination never seen or heard of in the NFT community. And all the characters are rare NFT pieces.

Tolkado NFT is built and hosted on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is expected to be used in the metaverse and presented in line with the story of the Legend of Tolkado.

More than 10,000 tokens will be available for minting, with Tolkado planning to host a presell event and issue a whitelist before the launch proper.

The team behind the Tolkado NFT revealed that the whitelisting would be done before the presale and that every whitelisted member would be eligible for the presale and a discounted minting price set at $50. Upon completing the whitelisting, the public sale will take place with prices more than double the initial pre-sale amount.

The official Tolkado NFT platform is where the minting would be done, and once the minting is done, the NFT can be hosted on the Tolkado NFT marketplace for secondary trading.

Mouthwatering Utility

Tolkado NFT comes with unique utilities, and user benefits uncommon among all existing NFT platforms in the crypto industry. Some of the attractive benefits that Tolkado listed include acquiring a special Tolkado NFT that would give users access to the legendary club entrance to the Tolkado Hall of Fame, among others. No NFT platform offers such rewards.

It remains to be seen how the many promises will turn out to be, and there is no better way to find out than after the official launch.

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