Limit Break’s Bold Move: $6 Million Superbowl Ad with NFT Giveaway for Upcoming Game DigiDaigaku

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Super Bowl 2023 made headlines with the debut of Limit Break’s NFT ad. The advertisement was for their new game, DigiDaigaku. The innovative ad campaign also included a giveaway of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are now causing a stir in the market, with some selling for as high as $700.

The use of NFTs in advertising is a growing trend, and Limit Break’s decision to incorporate it into their Superbowl ad has proven successful. The giveaway has generated buzz and excitement for the upcoming game, DigiDaigaku. In addition, the unique and valuable NFTs have created a sense of scarcity and exclusivity among collectors.

The Free NFT Giveaway

Limit Break made a bold move by paying over $6 million for a Super Bowl ad spot to advertise their new game, DigiDaigaku. The ad was unique because it featured a persistent QR code that allowed viewers to mint and claims free NFTs after scanning it. The foundation of the animated ad was designed to create buzz and excitement for the upcoming game.

However, the ad has received criticism from some quarters. People involved in the minting process have taken to social media to express their disappointment, calling it a ploy by the CEO of Limit Break to build traction for the company.

This outrage is because the QR code directed users to the CEO’s Twitter page, and only 10,000 NFTs were available for minting. While some viewers could claim an NFT, most users could not mint due to the limited availability.

Despite the criticism, the ad has generated significant attention and discussion. Using a persistent QR code and NFTs in advertising is a new concept. So Limit Break’s decision to incorporate it into their Superbowl ad sparked a conversation.

What Was The Problem

The controversy surrounding Limit Break’s Superbowl ad lies in the small window of opportunity to mint the promised NFTs. After scanning the QR code, viewers were directed to a page where they could mint the NFT for a limited time before being redirected to the CEO’s Twitter page. Despite this, Limit Break fulfilled their promise of giving out the NFTs, and some are now selling for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

According to OpenSea, the collection of NFTs was trading at 0.5 ETH or $749 at the time of press, although the prices fluctuated. The lowest-priced NFT sold for around 0.3 ETH or $486 on OpenSea during halftime, but the floor price has been rising and has settled at 0.38 ETH or $584. The collection has seen over $1 million worth of trades in just a few hours.

The price fluctuations of the NFTs from Limit Break’s Superbowl ad can largely be attributed to the recent campaign launched by the CEO. The CEO has promised that another 5000 NFTs will be given away, similarly to the Superbowl NFTs, by registering on the website and retweeting his tweets. This news has caused a buzz among fans and NFT collectors and has added to the speculation around the value of the NFTs.

However, it could be clearer to fans whether the NFTs being given away as part of the CEO’s campaign are part of the Super Bowl collection or if they are from a different collection altogether. This uncertainty has added to the confusion and has led to more questions about the true value and rarity of the NFTs.

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