SelfKey Introduces AI and zk-Based Solutions

SelfKey, a decentralized identity platform, has recently released new zero-knowledge and artificial intelligence solutions for secure digital verification. These solutions target to improve the privacy and security of online identity verification processes. The AI-based solution, SelfKey Credentials Exchange, enables customers to securely verify and share their digital information with third-party service providers without vulnerability. The … Read more

Starbucks & Mizar to Make Waves in the Crypto World – MZR Token Launch and NFT Rewards

Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program Mizar Introduces the $MZR Token Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program By launching its Starbucks Odyssey loyalty campaign upon the Ethereum sidechain platform Polygon, the well-known coffee brand Starbucks is making essential advancements in the Web3 arena. The company has already given away some complimentary … Read more

The Future of the Crypto Industry Blazes Hot

The Creators of Holdnaut stress the value of long-term corporate strategy An innovative project by block BeanQuest debuts on Binance Smart Chain as it Enters the Web3 gaming space The Creators of Holdnaut Stress the Value of Long-Term Corporate Strategy A crypto interest network based in Singapore, Hodlnaut’s co-creators have been looking for buyers who … Read more

BitTorrent Partner with Huobi to Enhance Blockchain Services

Huobi, one of the major crypto exchanges in the world, announced that they would be partnering with the BitTorrent Chain ecosystem. The crypto exchange partnership with the blockchain solution will allow effortless crypto exchange by linking smart blockchains comprising BNB chain, Tron, and ETH, Huobi announced in a press release by Decrypt. According to the … Read more

Limit Break’s Bold Move: $6 Million Superbowl Ad with NFT Giveaway for Upcoming Game DigiDaigaku

Super Bowl 2023 made headlines with the debut of Limit Break’s NFT ad. The advertisement was for their new game, DigiDaigaku. The innovative ad campaign also included a giveaway of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are now causing a stir in the market, with some selling for as high as $700. The use of NFTs in … Read more

Bonk Burns Half a Trillion: The Meme Coin Taking the Crypto World by Storm

Meme coins have been around for a while, with the most popular being, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu. A meme coin is a cryptocurrency created as a joke or for entertainment rather than as a serious investment. They are often based on internet memes, with developers intending to make them humorous or satirical. However, meme coins … Read more

Top Cryptos for 2023: Orbeon Protocol, Toncoin, and Solana

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Toncoin (TON), and Solana (SOL) are the trio that’s attracting attention from crypto analysts and investors as potential leading performers in the coming year. ORBN has drawn interest due to its massive 805% surge, currently in pre-sale phase three. Such a staggering surge had some analysts forecasting 6000% profits from ORBN. Though … Read more

5 Essential NFT Trading Strategies for the Upcoming Year

An NFT, or Non-Fungible-Token investor, must know when to buy and sell. NFTs have numerous trading strategies, such as the Hodl strategy. However, the best known is the buy low, trade high system, and as the name suggests, you buy NFTs at a low price and sell them when the price escalates. This concept sounds … Read more

Helium Price Forecast – Will IMPT Outshine HNT in Profitability Race?

Launched in 2013, Helium remains the crypto with the noblest use case within the cryptocurrency community – offering free Wi-Fi globally. The original motive was to build the first peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized wireless platform and streamline internet connection. Nevertheless, Helium is yet to explore its full potential, despite diligent work by HNT developers to upgrade … Read more

ApeCoin Staking Launches Following Immense Anticipation, Traders Stake Mutant & Bored Apes on Binance

ApeCoin staking attracts APE worth $30 million from investors in 24hrs of its launch. Binance announced a staking program allowing users to stake Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Yacht Club and receive APE coins. APE maintains uptrends, targeting its monthly peak at $4.50. ApeCoin Foundation opened APE staking, and players deposited tokens worth … Read more

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