U.K. To Reveal Crypto Regulation Plans, Targets Stablecoins

According to CNBC, the United Kingdom government is working on revealing a crypto regulation framework in the upcoming weeks, focusing on stablecoins. Industry sources believe that the U.K’s decision-makers have a growing interest in stablecoins and the move is part of the government’s strategy of regulating the industry. The financial regulatory body has held meetings … Read more

Governor Of Florida Proposes Tax Payment In Crypto

The time has come for cryptocurrency to serve as a wide utility following many companies’ integration of crypto payment. More decision-makers are considering following suit. Politicians in the United States are increasingly conversant with the flexibility associated with payment. According to the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, the plan to allow firms to pay their … Read more

GameStop NFT Marketplace Launches Beta Version On Loopring

GameStop’s NFT marketplace has rolled out its beta version of Loopring ($LRC) as an Ethereum L2 scaling system allowing users to perform transactions for a fraction of the cost they incurred in the L1 protocol. According to Loopring’s Head of Growth, Adam Browman, the beta version of the GameStop NFT marketplace is currently live. Users … Read more

Russia Is Set To Start Accepting Bitcoin For Oil And Gas, Says Energy Chief

Pavel Zavalny, the energy chief of the Russian Federation, has disclosed the possibility of accepting payment in Bitcoin in exchange for oil and gas from its allies like China and Turkey. According to the oil chief, the countries could start paying for Russian oil in either Russian Ruble, their respective fiat currencies, or even in … Read more

Bored Ape Spinoff NFT Collectible In A Legal Tussle Involving Copyright

The popularity of the Bore Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT has soared since its creation, with so many firms venturing into partnership with the BAYC network. Due to the increased involvement of individuals and businesses in the BAYC NFT collection projects, there has been a surge in the number of spinoffs that have emerged as … Read more

WeChat Yanks Off NFT Accounts Following Government Crackdown

The absence of a regulatory framework and valid government policies regarding the activities of the non-fungible token platforms has caused heightened fears among some internet companies in China. Most leading social media firms and internet enterprises have revamped their user policies to halt or restrict the operation of NFT platforms, citing the absence of government … Read more

Cardano’s Vision 2022: Charles Hoskinson Set To Announce Release Date For “Mamba”

Cardano seems to be the most active blockchain network, with multiple projects to up its game and keep it a step ahead of its competitors. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has revealed the plans in store for the network’s growth later in the year. The founder informs the community of the imminent release date … Read more

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