SelfKey Introduces AI and zk-Based Solutions

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SelfKey, a decentralized identity platform, has recently released new zero-knowledge and artificial intelligence solutions for secure digital verification. These solutions target to improve the privacy and security of online identity verification processes.

The AI-based solution, SelfKey Credentials Exchange, enables customers to securely verify and share their digital information with third-party service providers without vulnerability. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect any signs of fraud or tampering and verify the authenticity of the credentials.

The zk-based solution, SelfKey Privacy Coin, is a security-based cryptocurrency that utilizes zero-knowledge evidence to enable secure transactions on the blockchain. This solution protects customers’ financial privacy and prevents the risk of identity theft or fraud.

According to SelfKey CEO Edmund Lowell, the company targets to offer customers a private and decentralized identity platform that supports them in controlling their digital identities. The new solutions are built to assist in achieving this target by exploiting the latest blockchain technology and AI advancements.

Overall, SelfKey’s new zk-based AI solutions are important in establishing security and privacy-focused digital identity verification systems. As more and more exchanges and interactions move online, individuals must have the requirements to secure their data and ascertain the security of their digital identities.

SelfKey is getting ready to introduce additional offerings, comprising a unique NFT series that can be personalized and has an inherent unique value. The uniqueness of the customization improves with more customers participating in a SelfKey project. Additionally, customers can blend these customizations to produce premium NFTs in higher demand because of their scarcity.

SelfKey has announced that it is developing a fresh approach for its decentralized autonomous organization to cater to forthcoming features integrated into it. This new mechanism will include providing grants dispensed by the DAO.

Black Born and Nefta Partner to Expand NFT Usage

Nefta, a Swiss-based digital asset investment firm, and Block Born, a blockchain technology industry, have recently collaborated to expand the utilization of non-fungible tokens.

The partnership will explore Nefta’s expertise in digital asset investment and Block Born’s blockchain technology to design new NFT-based solutions for investors, artists, and collectors.

The partnership will also leverage new opportunities for NFTs worldwide, including integrating NFTs into traditional art auction houses and creating NFT-based art marketplaces.

According to Nefta co-founder Jean-Louis Guinchard, the collaboration with Block Born represents an exciting chance to consolidate the importance of blockchain technology to the world. “We believe that NFTs can revolutionize how we think about art investment and ownership,” Guinchard said. “By collaborating with Block Born, we can develop new solutions to make it easier for artists to monetize their operations and for collectors to invest in art.”

Block Born CEO Kyle Lu echoed Guinchard’s sentiments, stating that the collaboration will accelerate the adoption of NFTs worldwide. “NFTs are innovations, but we believe they have enormous significance in the art world,” Lu stated. “By partnering with Nefta, we can bring our expertise in blockchain technology to the table and assist in creating new opportunities for collectors and artists alike.”

Overall, the collaboration between Nefta and Block Born represents a significant step forward in adopting NFTs worldwide. As blockchain technology is widely adopted, we will probably witness even more innovative uses for NFTs.

Unity’s decision is a component of its plan to widen its presence in the web3 sector. The company aims to assist developers in producing blockchain-powered applications and games.

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