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According to the recent tweet, the official Bone ShibaSwap Twitter handle has noted the three most significant headlines for those who advocate the Shiba Inu initiatives. To begin with is the fact that the project’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, announced that Shibarium Beta would be launched this week, and the other headline is that more than one million Shiba Inu holders will purchase Bone assets at a very low cost and burn SHIB with every exchange.

The final touch was that customers would be required to purchase Bone for everything in the SHIB environment. As recently announced by the project’s lead developer, despite enabling the designing of decentralized applications and attractive agreements and offering low-rated and fast exchanges, Shibarium achievement will assist in burning large capacities of SHIB tokens.

BONE and LEASH Prices Rise

The doge killer coins, Leash and Bone, continue displaying an amazing performance with a double-digit price rise in percentage. Yesterday the doge titans hiked by over ten percent and thirteen percent, respectively.

Although, the third and the major asset of the Shiba Inu token has been changing hands at a critically slight range for about a month now. Meanwhile, when we change our attention to BONE, the uptrend is slowly wrapping up.

On the other hand, LEASH is displaying an awesome performance with its provocative price actions, mostly due to its under-validation against Shiba Inu and BONE.

Ripple Versus SEC Endless Disputes

Following a lawyer’s post on a social media platform, Twitter, Stuart Alderoty posted that the Securities and Exchange Commission has lost four out of five of the supreme court cases; professional crypto lawyer John Deaton, a crypto advocate, posted on Twitter to echo his help for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s major opponent, Ripple.

The professional lawyer commented that he was sure that the fintech titan would manage to win the Securities and Exchange Commission and that the latest makeup of the supreme court would assist in stopping what he referred to as gross overreach by the federal agency. The crypto advocate also noted that Ripple’s victory is fostered because the firm’s conclusive decision is well-known.

Shiba Inu Burn Charges Decrease Below Zero

The latest report provided by the SHIB portal indicates that as of yesterday, the burn rate of the Shiba Inu token continued well below zero. This move was witnessed as the Shiba Inu team destroyed only 2,035280 Shiba Inu tokens, which propelled the burn rate to the -95.44% mark.

At the same time, the Shiba Inu price also dropped that day, following a similar fall on the previous day. The burn rate reflects the value trend of the SHIB token. Shiba Inu was trading around four percent down over the past twenty-four hours at publishing.

SHIB Payments Approved at Stores in France

Leading virtual asset service provider, Binance publicized the partnership with Ingenico, a payment-enabled service provider, a universal payment service provider, to allow customers to pay in virtual digital assets through Binance Pay—another massive progress for worldwide virtual crypto-asset adoption.

Binance Pay is a virtual asset payment structure designed by Binance that allows paying for goods and services with cryptocurrency, which adversely can be sent to family and friends. Furthermore, users can utilize virtual digital assets at zones that approve Binance pay.

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