Mica Regulation; A Safe Space For Crypto Exchanges

Following the passing of the proposed MiCA by the EU in October, a top Binance official has assured that the proposed bill favors crypto exchanges in the region. This announcement has continued to generate positive reactions from crypto users and entities. MiCA Regulation, A Safe Space for Web3/Crypto Companies The EU has been in talks … Read more

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Commences Testing of Digital Stock Tokenization

A blockchain-based trading platform for a digital stock will be put to the test by Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. This will be in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Finance and VMware, a US software solution provider.  Also, FireBlock, a provider of digital asset custody, will take part in the process. These equities are made … Read more

US Stocks – Nasdaq Futures Fall 1% After Snap’s Ad Warning

Snapchat’s owner lost more than a third of its worth in early trading after reporting its lowest quarterly sales and earnings in six years. It was due to advertisers cutting down on their spending due to geopolitical upheaval and inflation. Share Prices Drop Other firms whose income is primarily dependent on advertising, such as Alphabet, … Read more

CEOs And Economists Expect A Recession Soon

Rising interest rates stifle economic development by raising the price of credit cards, mortgages, auto purchases, borrowings, and other financing. Rate hikes often cause recessions. U.S. Interest Rates Growing Quickly U.S. interest rates are increasing and may rise far more than Wall Street projected a few months ago. After misreading inflation for further than a … Read more

Stock Futures Go Up Before Inflation Report

Thursday saw a one percent increase in the value of S & P futures. Futures contracts on the Dow Jones Industrial Index increased by 1.1%, while contracts for the technology-focused Nasdaq-100 increased by 0.7%. Labor Department Makes Consumer Price Average Public At 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time, the Labor Department will make its consumer-price average for … Read more

BofA Devalues Nasdaq With Rising Wary Of Exchanges

BofA, formerly dubbed Bank of America, recently undermined Nasdaq by warning about exchanges. Consequently, the stock’s intrinsic value fell from $65 to $58. Due to this, the share underperformed other commodities in the market.  BofA Attenuated Nasdaq An analyst revealed BofA has turned increasingly wary of exchanges. And this is owing to the estimations of … Read more

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