Top Cryptos for 2023: Orbeon Protocol, Toncoin, and Solana

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Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Toncoin (TON), and Solana (SOL) are the trio that’s attracting attention from crypto analysts and investors as potential leading performers in the coming year. ORBN has drawn interest due to its massive 805% surge, currently in pre-sale phase three.

Such a staggering surge had some analysts forecasting 6000% profits from ORBN. Though optimistic, enthusiasts should beware that the crypto space remains highly volatile. Moreover, most digital coins are exploring a crypto winter.

Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon Protocol is transforming the crowdfunding business. The crypto project connects retail investors attentive to upcoming and unique business ideas to entrepreneurs. It links the parties securely and safely via non-fungible tokens.

Orbeon Protocols simplifies the process of startups to obtain funding through equity-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that market players could buy and sell for about $1. That ensures retail investors access the venture capital market for a moderately low capital amount.

Orbeon’s Fill or Kill functionality remains incorporated in smart contracts, and no one can delete or alter it. Moreover, investors will get full refunds whenever the fundraising fails to hit targets. Orbeon Protocol has attracted attention as it wants to revolutionize how investors interact with venture capital.

The alt is in phase three and has gained approximately 805%. Further, analysts predict that ORBN price will gain more than 6000% during the pre-sale to $0.24. In addition, ORBN holders participating in the network receive cashback rewards, staking incentives, and voting rights.


Solana blockchain aims at flexible design and quicker transactions, ensuring scalability. Further, it boasts the fastest blockchain ecosystem. That has seen most blockchain users embracing SOL. Meanwhile, the highly functional platform allows creators to build scalable cryptocurrency-related applications.

Moreover, it has high throughputs, speed, cheap costs, and different resources and characteristics. The SOL network enhances transaction speed while focusing on decentralization. Consequently, many decentralized app developers can swiftly migrate to Solana and utilize feature-rich dApps. Though the SOL token exhibits bearishness at this writing, it might recover quickly in the upcoming session.


Toncoin is a distinct blockchain that’s safe, scalable, and efficient. It started as a BTC payment gateway using Telegram. However, problems with transaction transparency separate Telegram and TON. Toncoin aims to make more timely transactions. Telegram created TON before the Toncoin Foundation acquired the project.

The crypto uses the PoS (proof-of-stake) method, which outshines PoW projects as far as efficacy is concerned. Toncoin allows individuals to build decentralized applications and utilize 3rd party apps, offering access to blockchain services such as decentralized storage.

TON is a utility coin, and now smoothing transactions with fewer charges. Also, it created apps that enable people to pay using TON coins. The project has a massive potential to flourish in the upcoming year.

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