NFTs Bloom might lead to Long-Term Bearish Season for Crypto, Says Ark Invest

 Ark Invest, one of the leading analysts in the crypto investment space, declared that the recent boom in non-fungible tokens might have a negative symbiotic effect on cryptocurrencies as NFTs are a high risk and illiquid asset class.  Though there are many market speculations that NFTs great market value and price at the moment, which … Read more

Pseudonymous Analyst That Predicted Bitcoin’s Dump Of 2018 Projects Bitcoin Bullish Correction

The pseudonymous crypto analyst and trader that accurately predicted Bitcoin’s dump, down to the dollar in 2018 has aired a new 2022 bullish prediction for Bitcoin. The pseudonymous crypto analyst answers to the Smart contractor username on Twitter. He has now predicted that Bitcoin will feature new record highs down the road in 2022. His … Read more

USD/CAD Currency Pair In Line For Short Term Bullish Run As Market Welcomes The US Retail Sales Report

The US dollar’s continual decline and Underperformance in the Forex market recently reflect on other currency pairs leveraged on the green paperback, as is the case for the USD/CAD currency pair. USD/CAD is consolidating at the 1.2500 region, unable to field enough momentum to reverse from a nine-week long downward low of 1.2453 it plunged … Read more

Bitcoin Vetoes Analysts Predictions, Price Move In Line For Short Bullish Run As The US Dollar Scrambles

In line with Monday’s analysts’ predictions for Bitcoin’s price action should it fall below $40,000, Bitcoin is now gearing up for a short-term Bullish reversal from the five-month all-time low of $39,000 it hit yesterday on Tuesday. In the early hours of Monday, analysts predictions leverages on Bitcoin’s price chart small moving average (SMA) indicator … Read more

Avalanche (AVAX) Encounters Sell-Off – Price Analysis

AVAX weakens from its higher highs. The new coronavirus variant scares investors. Avalanche has its massive support of $100. Avalanche (AVAX/USD) encounters price weakness after recording its highs beyond $146. However, the altcoin plummeted to $101.4 on November 21. For now, the pair has its price at $107. Technicals show that Avalanche entered a bearish … Read more

Why are Trading Signals Important?

The financial markets provide people with a number of opportunities for achieving their financial goals, but you have to have the right knowledge and skills in order to enjoy the profits you want. There are a number of tools that can be extremely helpful for traders during the process and one of these are trading … Read more

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