Starbucks & Mizar to Make Waves in the Crypto World – MZR Token Launch and NFT Rewards

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  • Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program
  • Mizar Introduces the $MZR Token

Starbucks Introduces its Beta-testing Starbucks Odyssey Rewards Program

By launching its Starbucks Odyssey loyalty campaign upon the Ethereum sidechain platform Polygon, the well-known coffee brand Starbucks is making essential advancements in the Web3 arena. The company has already given away some complimentary prize NFTs to the program’s pioneers, now in beta mode and only available to a select group of customers.

Starbucks is getting ready to release its first paid collectible, the limited-edition Siren Collection, for test users of the platform at 10 p.m. EAT today. The collection includes 2,000 NFTs, each with a $100 price tag and featuring distinctive artwork based on the company’s recognizable logo, a “super mermaid,” as the brand describes it.

The firm claims that Siren has changed to reflect the brand’s culture as Starbucks has grown and changed; the NFT drop was mentioned in this remark. The 2,000 NFTs will be based on five distinctive Siren “expressions” that chart her development from a well-known woman in Seattle to a revered global icon.

Each premium NFT stamp in the Siren Collection comes with 1,500 additional points, and each user can purchase a maximum of two. In addition, a user’s Odyssey account can be “leveled up” using these bonus points, granting them access to goodies in the future.

Mizar introduces the $MZR Token, Seeking to Revolutionize Trading

The $MZR token will go live on March 9 on Mizar, a transactions exchange platform with millions of users and daily transactions valued at millions of dollars.

The goal of Mizar is to dominate the cryptocurrency common trading market. The $MZR coin will serve as the native token for the Mizar community, allowing users to participate in activities like staking, feature access, and reward.

The first stage of Mizar’s strategy, which involves developing trading tools for centralized finance platforms, is complete. Next, the startup is announcing the second phase, bringing these capabilities to decentralized finance platforms.

On decentralized exchanges, users will be able to automate their trading methods with the addition of sophisticated, user-friendly trading tools. By combining this with Mizar’s mirror trading engine, novice users will have easier access to the market. At the same time, seasoned traders can increase their income while maintaining custody of their holdings.

By allowing customers to monitor and control their deals across numerous exchange types, Mizar has set out to become the leading cryptocurrency trading platform. Regulated exchanges like Binance and decentralized platforms like Uniswap fall under this category.

The team at Mizar is confident that incorporating automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will give traders a competitive advantage and increase their likelihood of success in the market.

According to Francesco Ciuci, CEO of Mizar, their choice to begin operations on Arbitrum demonstrates their great desire to increase their footprint in DeFi. Mizar is already in discussions with several projects inside the Arbitrum ecosystem and is keen to work with them on cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize the DeFi trading market.

Mizar’s social trading platform represents a significant innovation in the cryptocurrency trading space and is supported by well-known investors, including Nexo, KuCoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Kronos Research, and others.

The $MZR token from Mizar will be accessible on Uniswap starting March 9.

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