Bitcoin (BTC): What Near-Term Investors Need to Know Before Exiting

The world’s leading crypto, Bitcoin, relies on two primary triggers for support. Precisely, the mining activity & transactional requirements through the Lightning Network. However, the former seems to have taken a massive blow, whereas the latter still leads the network to new heights. Here’s the Correlation The latest crypto market crash trapped Bitcoin miners within … Read more

Near Protocol (NEAR): How Security Update Has Impacted Investor Confidence

Solana dominated the news lately after addressing this week’s exploit by emphasizing the need to heighten wallet address protection. Meanwhile, NEAR protocol took note promptly, taking the move to enhance security for NEAR wallet users. Moreover, Near Protocol recently confirmed securing reviews on the wallets early this week. That comprises searching for possible vulnerabilities that … Read more

Uniswap’s DEX Still Dominates the Space Despite Q2 Ambush

Uniswap’s 7-day trading volume stood at $9.7 billion during this publication. That saw it extending its dominance in the decentralized exchange (DEX) market. Furthermore, Uniswap exceeded Coinbase in trading volume recently. That also confirms the flourishing reputation of DEXs within the industry. Nevertheless, does Uniswap has all it takes to conquer challenges from rivals like … Read more

Crypto Firms Move To Switzerland To Escape Strict Regulations 

A division is stemming up between crypto-friendly states and those against crypto development. Several regions have introduced heavy taxation on crypto firms, while others banned crypto usage. Regions that have introduced strict rules for crypto include Iran, China, and India. However, crypto-friendly nations exist, such as El Salvador, UAE, Singapore, and Switzerland. Meanwhile, countries like … Read more

JPMorgan Start Using Blockchain As Settlement For Collateral

Various institutions continue to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. This integration is due to the enormous benefits such as speed and security that the new tech offers.  Recently, JPMorgan has joined the trend. The company now uses blockchain tech for collateral settlement. This will allow investors to use various assets as collateral.  BlackRock Assets … Read more

BTC Mining Can Reduce the World’s Carbon Emission by 5.32%: ESG Report

The environmental effect of BTC mining has become a hot topic in recent months. The climate campaigners keep claiming that PoW mining is too energy-intensive. But, according to Daniel Batten, BTC mining could reduce global carbon emissions by 5.32%. If BTC mining firms target methane emissions, they could prevent 0.15% global warming by 2045. BTC … Read more

Coinbase Adds Web3 Functionality To Mobile App

Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has begun rolling out Web3 app features to a subset of its app customers, including a browser and a wallet. They will be granted access to decentralized applications (Dapps) present on the ETH network. Some examples of these applications are OpenSea and Uniswap. Mobile App … Read more

CoinDCX Raises $135 Million To Fund Indian Web3 Initiatives

India’s crypto exchange firm, CoinDCX’s valuation has doubled to over $2.15 billion due to the recent fundraising round, which makes it among the most valuable cryptocurrency companies in the country. CoinDCX Generates $135 million  CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has become India’s largest crypto firm to finish a Series D investment round successfully. The fundraising generated … Read more

Ethereum’s Latest Proof-Of-Work Protocol Enters “Final Stage” As Merge Is Rescheduled

The Ethereum community has been on a long trip, and the merge concludes that journey. As the hype around the merge continues to build, Tim Beiko, developer at Ethereum Foundation, has warned that fans would have to endure for a few more months before seeing the results. The Ethereum Merger No Longer In June For … Read more

Polygon Has Chosen To Be Carbon Neutral As It Moves Towards Green Energy

In light of the carbon emission problem facing the crypto industry, the Polygon side chain network has invested $20 million towards offsetting its carbon output and promoting an industry-wide campaign to reduce the amount of carbon emission in the crypto industry. Polygon To Support NGOs And Partners In The Crypto Industry  On Tuesday, the Polygon … Read more

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