Japan’s Money supply Reached a Four-Decade Peak, Testing the BOJ’s Will

The number exceeded the experts’ prediction of 3.5percent and represents the quickest cost increase after 1982. Also as a result of the yen’s unprecedented decline, underlying monetary policy has now gone beyond the Financial system of Japan’s 2 percentage-point premium objective for seven consecutive months. The Belief of the Japanese Central Bank Director Haruhiko Kuroda … Read more

Mica Regulation; A Safe Space For Crypto Exchanges

Following the passing of the proposed MiCA by the EU in October, a top Binance official has assured that the proposed bill favors crypto exchanges in the region. This announcement has continued to generate positive reactions from crypto users and entities. MiCA Regulation, A Safe Space for Web3/Crypto Companies The EU has been in talks … Read more

BIS and Eurosystem Incorporate DeFi Implementation In FX CBDC Markets

In their Scrutinization of blockchain technology, Bank of International Settlement(BIS) and Euro system have formed a collaboration. They divulged a new project tagged “Project Mariana.” Euro system consists of the Apex banks of Singapore, France, and Switzerland. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) initiated collaboration with Euro system on June 20, 2021. An Overview of … Read more

DOW Drops 100 Points As British Pound Continues Decline

Monday September 26 was another bloody day for the stock market as investors rued rising interest rates and the surging forex debacle on the equity market. Dow Jones Plunges as Foreign Currency Plunges On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at its lowest as investors expressed concerns over surging interest rates. In addition, the … Read more

Risks Assets Soar as USD Retraces

APAC Overview Overnight sessions saw the Nikkei climbing by 2.31%. That came after Japan’s economy soared more than first reported in Q2. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew by 3.5% in Q2 year-on-year. That was stronger than the 2.2% annualized preliminary estimate. Also, the GDP growth was better than the 2.9% median market prediction.  Private consumption … Read more

EUR/USD: Here’s Why The EU Energy Ministers Meeting May Be Bad For The Euro

The EUR/USD pair price action following a hawkish European Central Bank (ECB) Thursday session was disappointing as the meeting failed to address the lingering value slump of the Euro. The ECB’s Cautious Stance Offers Little Approval According to ING economic experts, they expect the EU energy ministers’ discussion to put additional downward pressure on the … Read more

USD To Stand Strong Until The End Of The Year, Says Wells Fargo

Despite measures from most central banks to limit the supply of U.S. dollars, the currency has what it takes to end the year stronger, according to Wells Fargo. The U.S. Dollar is Expected to Stay Robust Analysts are America’s multinational financial services firm; Wells Fargo is confident about the USD’s continued strength. The analysts expect … Read more

USD/INR Comeback Encounters Challenges, but a Move to 80 Still Possible

Briefly- USD/INR maintained a massive recovery over the last few days. Federal Reserve and RSPI seem to diverge. RBI might slow its rate hikes in the short term. USD/INR had its price moving sideways today as market players contemplated the recent interest rate moves by the Reserve of India and the Federal Reserve. Also, the … Read more

EUR/GBP Prediction Ahead of BOE’s Massive Rate Hike

EUR/GBP Prediction Ahead of BOE’s Massive Rate Hike Briefly – EUR/GBP has lost 4% from June’s highest mark. Focus remains on the upcoming rate decision by the Bank of England. The central bank will introduce a 0.50% interest rate increase to curb inflation. EUR/GBO maintained sideways moves early on Thursday as market players concentrated on … Read more

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