Market Updates: U.S. Dollar Rises, GBP/USD Falls, and USD/CAD Declines on Positive Economic Indicators

The U.S. Dollar The U.S. Dollar has seen a significant rise following the release of the Michigan Consumers Sentiment Report. The report indicates that the sentiment of consumers in the country has improved by two points, going from 64.9 to 66.4. This improvement has been noted as a positive sign for the economy and is … Read more

XAU/USD Resumes Downward Trend Amid Rising US Bond Yields & Economic Uncertainty

The XAU/USD (Gold/US Dollar) pair has resumed its downward trend after experiencing a minor pullback, currently hovering near the $1,870.00 level. The precious metal has been experiencing fluctuations recently as the US bond yields continue to rise, putting pressure on non-yielding assets like gold. The Asia trading session is especially crucial for the XAU/USD pair, … Read more

GBP/JPY Exchange Rate: Understanding the Impact of Japanese Bond Yields

The British pound has been on a rollercoaster ride over the past week. The currency has seen heavy fluctuations in its exchange rate against the Japanese yen. As of now, the pound is sitting at 160 yen, but the possibility exists that it could see an increase shortly. Some experts predict the pound could reach … Read more

January 23 Forex Signals Brief – Economic Data to Catalyze Choppy Price Action

Yesterday’s Market Outlook The initial two weeks of 2023 have seen the market adopting the stance it maintained during most of 2022’s fourth quarter. Meantime, the United States dollar re-launched its retreat as risk assets exhibit a bullish strength. That came after economic data and inflation confirmed further slowdowns. Nonetheless, the previous week saw mixed … Read more

EUR/USD: Bulls to Eye $1.07 on Powell Speech & FOMC Projections

It’s yet another day to watch the EUR-USD. After yesterday’s breakout session, the attention changes to Federal Chair Powell, economic indicators, and Fed’s financial decisions. Meanwhile, let’s check what EUR-USD might have for Forex traders amid such conditions. It remains a somewhat busy Wednesday for the EUR-USD as far as the economic calendar is concerned. … Read more

GBP-USD Prediction – Soft Inflation to Get $1.24 Into Play

The GBP-USD secured an easy footing. Hopes of softer United States inflation and United Kingdom economic data ensured market sustenance ahead of the Monetary Stability Report. GBP-USD has a busy session early today, with attention directed to November claimant count figures, October unemployment numbers, and average earnings. Better-than-anticipated GDP figures could not support Monday’s session, … Read more

Japan’s Money supply Reached a Four-Decade Peak, Testing the BOJ’s Will

The number exceeded the experts’ prediction of 3.5percent and represents the quickest cost increase after 1982. Also as a result of the yen’s unprecedented decline, underlying monetary policy has now gone beyond the Financial system of Japan’s 2 percentage-point premium objective for seven consecutive months. The Belief of the Japanese Central Bank Director Haruhiko Kuroda … Read more

Mica Regulation; A Safe Space For Crypto Exchanges

Following the passing of the proposed MiCA by the EU in October, a top Binance official has assured that the proposed bill favors crypto exchanges in the region. This announcement has continued to generate positive reactions from crypto users and entities. MiCA Regulation, A Safe Space for Web3/Crypto Companies The EU has been in talks … Read more

BIS and Eurosystem Incorporate DeFi Implementation In FX CBDC Markets

In their Scrutinization of blockchain technology, Bank of International Settlement(BIS) and Euro system have formed a collaboration. They divulged a new project tagged “Project Mariana.” Euro system consists of the Apex banks of Singapore, France, and Switzerland. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) initiated collaboration with Euro system on June 20, 2021. An Overview of … Read more

DOW Drops 100 Points As British Pound Continues Decline

Monday September 26 was another bloody day for the stock market as investors rued rising interest rates and the surging forex debacle on the equity market. Dow Jones Plunges as Foreign Currency Plunges On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at its lowest as investors expressed concerns over surging interest rates. In addition, the … Read more

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