Solana CEO Reveals Plan to Upgrade Network Amid Outage

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Solana attracted some attention from the public after its systems were down for almost an entire day following routine maintenance. The developers behind the blockchain network announced that the Outage was a glitch in the system, and it has been amended on the second attempt.

The chief executive officer of Solana labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, announced that the exchange is strategizing on upgrading and updating its protocol.

Upgrading the Network System

Before the press release, the core engineers were relentless in their efforts to amend glitches that negatively impacted the utilization of the Solana network. These comprised lack of flow regulation of exchanges, invalid gas metering, and a lack of fee markets, among other system failures. Thus, facilitating customer experience took a hit.

In recent reports, the chief executive officer reported that the target for the core engineers currently would be to operate with developers to enhance their operations on introducing the software by involving an additional support team and auditors to examine and locate exploits and offer a helping hand to support the additional members.

The additional members included Jump Crypto’s Firedancer support team, which is establishing a second validator client to the protocols output, resiliency, and efficiency. In addition, an ad-hoc team comprising almost one-third of the core engineering community at the Solana Labs has also been appointed as part of the strategy.

This move will double down on constructing additional hooks and establishing the developer code to assist in detecting glitches across the underlying networks and offer hardware to operate small to large clusters for the combative model.

Upgrading the restart process is yet another area of major concern that the core engineering developer will operate. However, the executives went ahead and announced that while completely changing the operations is challenging, several kinds of glitches can be solved with easy and smooth procedures in an attempt to upgrade the restart procedures.

Protocol Activities

During the outages and the havoc, the Solana non-fungible tokens sales capacity was around 84.8 million, down by fifty-seven percent over the past month. In addition, information from CryptoSlam disclosed that the transactions also depreciated by around thirty percent during the same period, while traders and investors noted a rise.

The recent reports reconciled by DefiLlama indicated that the absolute value protected in Solana was estimated to be around two hundred and fifty-seven million dollars. The protocol lost more than ninety-seven percent since establishing a peak two years ago during the bull rally when it shot 10.3 billion dollars.

Cardano Founder Tweets about Doge

The Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, is fond of always having an opinion about Dogecoin by market capitalization. Therefore, the CEO does not hesitate to come lashing out at the meme-coin; however, Charles Hoskinson seems to have a different opinion about the coin this time. Through a tweet today, the CEO seemed to promote the coin and gave it some positive criticism.

As anticipated, his post on the social media platform Twitter has surprised the Cardano team, although many have raised concerns about Mr. Charles’s intentions and desires. Many treat it as a joke, or maybe the Tesla Chief took over Hokinson’s account.

To be certain, the CEO’s Doge vowing post is a sign the Cardano protocol is ready to evolve into the final stage of its strategy, famously known as the Age of Voltaire. According to the CEO, this phase will educate the industry on governing virtual and digital assets.

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