CoinDCX Raises $135 Million To Fund Indian Web3 Initiatives

India’s crypto exchange firm, CoinDCX’s valuation has doubled to over $2.15 billion due to the recent fundraising round, which makes it among the most valuable cryptocurrency companies in the country. CoinDCX Generates $135 million  CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has become India’s largest crypto firm to finish a Series D investment round successfully. The fundraising generated … Read more

Ethereum’s Latest Proof-Of-Work Protocol Enters “Final Stage” As Merge Is Rescheduled

The Ethereum community has been on a long trip, and the merge concludes that journey. As the hype around the merge continues to build, Tim Beiko, developer at Ethereum Foundation, has warned that fans would have to endure for a few more months before seeing the results. The Ethereum Merger No Longer In June For … Read more

Brazilian Congress To Pass A Unified Crypto Framework Soon

The Brazilian Parliament wants to enforce a legislative framework for cryptocurrencies by the end of the second quarter. Because of their similarities, supporters of the legislative proposals currently being debated in Congress and the Senate have declared that they want to work toward integrating the recommendations. This new integrated initiative offers incentives for environmentally friendly … Read more

The Lazarus Group Is Responsible For The Ronin Network Hack – The US Treasury

The US Treasury has alleged that the North Korea-based Lazarus hacking group was behind the $625M hack of the Ronin network, which happened last month. Popular play-to-earn crypto game, Axie Infinity, is built on this Ethereum sidechain known as the Ronin network. On Thursday, the treasury department gave a detailed account of how it connected … Read more

Polygon Has Chosen To Be Carbon Neutral As It Moves Towards Green Energy

In light of the carbon emission problem facing the crypto industry, the Polygon side chain network has invested $20 million towards offsetting its carbon output and promoting an industry-wide campaign to reduce the amount of carbon emission in the crypto industry. Polygon To Support NGOs And Partners In The Crypto Industry  On Tuesday, the Polygon … Read more

IMF Believes Cryptocurrency Adoption Is Greater In Corrupt Nations With Stricter Regulations

Recently, the emergence and adoption of digital currencies have progressed rapidly, with some nations already accepting BTC as a means of payment. As noted by a study released on the 25th of March by the IMF titled “Crypto, Corruption, and Capital Controls: Cross-Country Correlations, individuals living in nations with high levels of fraud are more … Read more

Binance Receives License To Run As A Cryptocurrency Broker In Abu Dhabi

Popular crypto exchange, Binance, has obtained a preliminary license to operate as a broker of crypto assets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Binance must however finish the application procedure first before it can kickstart operation. Having obtained a complete licensing agreement implies that Binance will be supplying virtual currency services to consumers in the … Read more

WeChat Finally Launches Support For Digital Yuan Across 23 Regions In China

WeChat, the most popular social media messaging application in China, is said to have enabled e-CNY payment methods. The service is now accessible to 23 areas where the electronic currency is being tested, including Shanghai and Beijing. This move is part of the country’s plan to increase the widespread adoption of its CBDC. The service … Read more

American Bank Signs Deal With Bakkt To Enable Clients Invest In BTC And ETH

Bakkt has signed a partnership with American Bank to purchase and sell BTC and ETH to its clients. The bank stated that the service might be available in the second quarter of 2022. Crypto Investment Option  Earlier this month, American Bank, one of the USA’s commercial banks with its headquarters in Pennsylvania, announced a partnership … Read more

India Consults IMF And World Bank For Crypto Policy Formulation

The Indian government is working on a policy for cryptocurrency regulation in the country and has decided to consult the World Bank, IMF, and state regulators. An official in the country’s finance ministry corroborated the statement and added that the government is reaching out to stakeholders both outside and within the state. Consultation With RBI, … Read more

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