Buenos Aires To Allow Tax Payment Using Crypto

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Horacio Larreta, leader of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, has stated the city would enable its inhabitants to pay certain taxes using cryptos soon. This is among a digitization initiative dubbed “Buenos Aires+” by the city. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the city’s relationship with its citizens. 

Buenos Aires To Implement Crypto Tax Payments

Buenos Aires’ government intends to enable payment of certain taxes using crypto for its people. Horacio Larreta, the city leader, made the statement during a Zoom conference call with officials. This endeavor is among a larger digital drive that the city intends to undertake to increase the accessibility of residents to government services and documents.

As stated by Larreta, the strategy’s goal, named “Buenos Aires+,” will help to “streamline and simplify the communication between people and the region.” Diego Fernández, Sec. of Innovation and Digital Transformation, spoke on the significance of blockchain tech for the digitization effort, which aims to digitize 70% of procedures within the first year it is implemented. He said:

“It is my belief that blockchain tech will provide the government with the ability to make all its actions more transparent while also encouraging individuals to participate more actively in the political process.”

This plan is identical to that made last month by the administration of Rio de Janeiro; it also stated that the region would accept digital currency as payment for certain kinds of taxes beginning from 2023.

The Digital Identification Initiative 

Another important initiative the city is working on is creating a digital ID program, which would allow people to make document payments and requests to the city more easily than they already do. The platform also aspires to communicate with various government entities in various ways, depending on their needs. 

This initiative may also potentially assist in simplifying time-consuming operations between numerous government offices by providing citizens with the chance to direct all their chores in a single system, which would save them time. Other public agencies might link their network to the hub, enabling them to use the data directly. Fernandez made the following statement in response to this notion:

“People will be able to exercise control over their private information. The city is establishing a system so that customers can see who is accessing their personal information and the various parts they have copied at all times. These payments will be processed using a public blockchain-centered mechanism.”

Fernandez finished by adding that his team’s goal is to complete the implementation of the project by 2023.

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