Russia plans to settle international payments using cryptocurrency

Russian Leaders Consulting On The Use Of Digital Currency Russian leaders are pondering the possibility of using cryptocurrency for international payments. This idea was brought up due to the limitations placed on the country’s traditional means of payment. The country’s director of the Financial Policy Department Ivan Chebeskov speaking at a forum declared that the … Read more

Binance Inks MOU With Kazakhstan For Crypto Regulation

Binance has decided to work with Kazakhstan’s government to foster crypto regulation. The exchange will provide advisory assistance to the government on crypto and blockchain development.  On Thursday, the crypto firm announced the MOU signing with the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry. Both parties are willing to work together to foster crypto … Read more

BTC Mining Can Reduce the World’s Carbon Emission by 5.32%: ESG Report

The environmental effect of BTC mining has become a hot topic in recent months. The climate campaigners keep claiming that PoW mining is too energy-intensive. But, according to Daniel Batten, BTC mining could reduce global carbon emissions by 5.32%. If BTC mining firms target methane emissions, they could prevent 0.15% global warming by 2045. BTC … Read more

Russia’s Latest Move Brings Them Closer to Cryptocurrency Adoption

Vladimir Putin’s government has been stepping up attempts to circumvent financial restrictions. Those imposed by the US and other countries after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The country’s central bank said they would let stock exchanges trade in cryptos. Overseas Payments in Cryptocurrency in Russia According to Reuters, Russia may enable cryptocurrencies for foreign payments. … Read more

Republicans In U.S. House Of Rep Introduces New Bill To Safeguard BTC Investment in Retirement Accounts

On the 21st of May, Republicans in the U.S. House of Rep released a new bill that would restrict the Department of Labor from curtailing the investment options that are available to employees in retirement accounts. In addition, the bill would make it possible for citizens of the United States to incorporate BTC in the … Read more

Commonwealth Bank Puts Crypto Trading Test On Hold Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

The Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Matt Comyn, is certain that his institution will proceed with the second trial of cryptocurrency services on its mobile app once the regulatory ambiguity is resolved. Second Test On Crypto Trading Placed On Hold The CBA has decided to shelve its plans for a … Read more

U.S. Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Not Taking Crypto And Stablecoin Risk Seriously

Republicans Slowing Down Legislation On Stablecoin The Senate Banking Committee is now debating how to respond to the administration’s demand for stablecoin regulation; nevertheless, there is a significant party division about this issue.  The Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee are concerned their Republican counterparts do not give the potential dangers posed by cryptocurrencies the … Read more

IMF Advises Bahamas To Foster CBDC Education And Regulatory Framework

After disapproval over the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender by the Central African Republic, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has shifted its focus to the CBDC of the Bahamas, the Sand Dollar.  The agency has recommended that the country’s regulators conduct more supervision and provide more education for citizens. Apart from proposing that … Read more

President Of South Korea Delay Crypto Tax Until Implementation Of DABA

South Korea’s democratically elected President has shown his understanding of cryptocurrency. The President has announced that there would be no imposed tax on cryptocurrency investment profits until laws can be put in place to safeguard consumers. President Yoon Delays Implementation of Cryptocurrency Taxation In a Tuesday announcement, South Korea’s President, Yoon Suk-yeol, said that he … Read more

Hawaii Launches Task Force For Crypto Regulation And Blockchain Adoption

The legislative arm in Hawaii has taken the bold step to regulate the usage of cryptocurrency and incorporate blockchain technology in the country. Two committees in the country’s legislative arm, Ways and Means (WAM) and Commerce and Consumer Protection (CPN), have unanimously supported the creation of a special task force that will investigate the regulation … Read more

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