The Main Reason Why Cardano Plans To Increase Incentives For White Hat Hackers

After the previous incident, where a white hat hacker noticed a bug in Cardano’s blockchain network, Cardano plans to double the bounty rewards for subsequent hacking, effective through March 25th, 2022. The Cardano Foundation announced the increased bounty reward today, stating that it has incentives to encourage white hat hackers to do more in finding … Read more

Stormy Days Are Expected As Crypto Investors Restrict Risks Ahead Of March Rate Hike

There appear to be challenging days ahead for cryptocurrency investors as they strategize ahead of an impending rate hike, according to renowned analytics firm Glassnode. The analysis released by Glassnode shows investors in the Bitcoin blockchain hedging out to keep them afloat and secure against the imminent hike in interest rates to be carried out … Read more

DAOs’ Evolution And The Long-Awaited Breakthrough In 2022

The year 2021 has been a landmark in the history of cryptocurrency and its role in shaping tech and the financial sector, and 2022 is the year for the potential progress of a relatively recent invention looking to take shape in the digital industry. Some mainstream news companies believe decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are the … Read more

$100M Fine Slammed On BlockFi, Barred From Operating High-Profit Bitcoin Accounts

Following investigations by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory agencies, BlockFi, a top cryptocurrency lending company, has been barred from operating high-yield accounts for its clients in addition to being heavily penalized with a fine of $100M. However, BlockFi did not appeal the decision and has agreed to settle the … Read more

Russians Mining Crypto Are to Pay 15% Tax, Companies to Pay At Least 6%

Individuals dealing with crypto currency are to anticipate a huge tax burden compared to businesses in the industry as stated by a senior partner of the Russian Parliament. Although the removal of digital currencies is yet to be legislated in Russia, the government is moving towards the acknowledgement of crypto as an economic activity, which … Read more

Four Bullish Trends To Watch Out For

Things have been looking a bit shadowy in the cryptocurrency industry, with Bitcoin declining almost by 50% since the period of all-time high as of November 2021. Although there are precise trends that indicate a shift is in view.  Bitcoin is presently on to its 12th week of the principal reduction since the all-time high, … Read more

NFTs Bloom might lead to Long-Term Bearish Season for Crypto, Says Ark Invest

 Ark Invest, one of the leading analysts in the crypto investment space, declared that the recent boom in non-fungible tokens might have a negative symbiotic effect on cryptocurrencies as NFTs are a high risk and illiquid asset class.  Though there are many market speculations that NFTs great market value and price at the moment, which … Read more

The E.U. Might Take the Lead in The Regulation of Cryptocurrency

For a long time, the regulation of crypto has been a significant bone of contention with governments globally. Still, seeing that this market space has become a huge one, it has attracted many country’s heads of state to vest more interest in this digital currency explosion. The acceptance of crypto as a medium of exchange … Read more

Pseudonymous Analyst That Predicted Bitcoin’s Dump Of 2018 Projects Bitcoin Bullish Correction

The pseudonymous crypto analyst and trader that accurately predicted Bitcoin’s dump, down to the dollar in 2018 has aired a new 2022 bullish prediction for Bitcoin. The pseudonymous crypto analyst answers to the Smart contractor username on Twitter. He has now predicted that Bitcoin will feature new record highs down the road in 2022. His … Read more

Russian Celebrity Joins The $TON Campaign Effort As Brand Ambassador

Russian rapper and Youtube vlogger, Morgenshtern has been signed on as one of The Open Network (TON) prime ambassadors for their crypto blockchain project. The internationally famous Russian national is now one of the forerunning crypto celebrity ambassadors. His membership on $TON is now backed by a purchase of about $130,000 worth of Toncoim. Morgenshtern’s … Read more

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