Russian Celebrity Joins The $TON Campaign Effort As Brand Ambassador

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Russian rapper and Youtube vlogger, Morgenshtern has been signed on as one of The Open Network (TON) prime ambassadors for their crypto blockchain project.

The internationally famous Russian national is now one of the forerunning crypto celebrity ambassadors. His membership on $TON is now backed by a purchase of about $130,000 worth of Toncoim.

Morgenshtern’s acquisition of the altcoin showcases his dedication to the project’s growth and brand identity.

Morgenshtern Integrates $TON In Rap Track

Mainstream media and local news outlets in Russia have recently reported the Russian artist’s release of a $TON themed song. The extended rap play that Morgenshtern released talked about the TON project and its proprietary crypto-token, the Toncoin, detailing all its agendas and achievements in melodic rhyming lines.

The Russian rapper further revealed his acquisition of 10 million $TON, an equivalent of $130,000, when he rapped that he sold all his cue balls and bought TON.

The extended play immediately went viral on Spotify hours after it was uploaded, with thousands of listeners streaming the track globally, which subsequently drew the attention of many news media locally and internationally.

Morgenshtern’s track revealed detailed information on the crypto industry, the NFT sector, and the Metaverse. His 8 million followers across his social media accounts were introduced to his personal experience navigating the crypto industry space. In a later post on his Telegram page that features over 850,000 subscribers, he stated that he envisions himself in the crypto Metaverse as a role model for his fans.

The hip hop star has also launched a premium subscription channel on Telegram that exclusively utilizes only $TON as legal tender and payment option. The payment gateway adopted for the channel was facilitated by TON company’s official collaborator, Donate, a prominent Fintech company and payment service.

The US Financial Watchdog Hounds TON

The Open Network (TON) was formerly known as The Telegram Open Network (TON). The latter TON project was primarily developed by the Telegram team in collaboration with Paul Durov, the founder of the unique cloud-leveraged instant messenger.

Shortly after the original project’s inception, the Telegram TON was summarily shut down after Telegram baked out from the project citing regulatory problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Post Telegram’s withdrawal, independent Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) teams continued to develop the project and further its innovation agendas. Just months after SEC’s intervention, the project made a comeback as the new TON blockchain that features a Toncoin independent of Telegram.

When news about project TON’s continual development post Telegram withdrawal aired on mainstream media, the social media platform’s Telegram founder, Parel Durov, the developer, praised the endeavor. He verbally expressed his support for TON and its new developers.

He stated that he was disappointed when Telegram withdrew from the project in its early stage, citing his official response then that he hoped that future generations of programmers continued to pass on the torch that is the vision of mass-market blockchain network platforms. Durov was happy with the development as he stated that he was inspired to see the future of Telegram’s brainchild on the now open TON project that was rebranded as the Toncoin.

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