Stock Market Crash: The Effortless Approach to Avoid Losing Cash

Briefly – The extended stock price slump has most investors worried about their money. Though selling can be tempting, that remains a risky approach. Meanwhile, you only need a little effort to protect your savings. It’s indeed scary to invest amidst crashing stock markets. Moreover, your investment portfolio might have declined, and you might plan … Read more

Coinbase Shares Plunge Amid Celsius and Crypto Fears, But Here’s the Catch

The leading crypto exchange is unlikely to pause withdrawals but remains susceptible to one concerning trend. Coinbase Global saw its shares on a sharp plummet on Monday, opening 21% down from the Friday close and trading 14% lower today. The cryptocurrency spectrum struggled over the weekend, and market players often use Coinbase to gauge sentiment … Read more

Rolls-Royce Share Has Rebounded; Time to Buy RR Rally?

Briefly- The past couple of weeks had Rolls-Royce shares rebounding by 20%. The rally emerged as the aviation sector witnessed recoveries. Investors wait for a new announcement by the CEO. Rolls-Royce’s share price noted modest recoveries within the past couple of weeks amid rebounds in the aviation industry. The stock trades under the LON: RR … Read more

Shopify Stock Ready for Bearish Breakout

Briefly- Shopify has weakened within the past couple of months. The firm’s market capitalization declined to $44 billion from $250 billion. The pessimistic pennant setup suggests a bearish breakout. The Shopify stock saw its price on massive bearishness within the past couple of months as investors reacted to the firm’s slow growth. It trades under … Read more

S&P 500 Declines as Quantitative Tightening Begins – What Next?

S&P 500 welcomes the new month with declines. Quantitative tightening (QT) began on 1 June. Everything depends on US Treasury. Yesterday was the initial trading day of the new month, a challenging day for investors to trade regardless of the month. Meanwhile, 1 June was trickier as the QT (quantitative tightening) program began. Consider quantitative … Read more

Should You Buy NRG Energy Stock Following Impressive Earnings?

NRG Energy stock returned 8% YTD and 25% in May. The company announced robust earnings amidst surging energy prices. NRG stock broke a crucial resistance and targeted higher zones. NRG Energy, Inc. saw its stock forming a massive resistance that appeared challenging to overpower at $43. The share trades under NYSE: NRG ticker. Meanwhile, the … Read more

CoinDCX Raises $135 Million To Fund Indian Web3 Initiatives

India’s crypto exchange firm, CoinDCX’s valuation has doubled to over $2.15 billion due to the recent fundraising round, which makes it among the most valuable cryptocurrency companies in the country. CoinDCX Generates $135 million  CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has become India’s largest crypto firm to finish a Series D investment round successfully. The fundraising generated … Read more

As Gold Soars Amidst Market Slump, Is Gold More Valuable Than Bitcoin?

Unlike other digital currencies, Bitcoin’s mainstream acceptance is unmatched, such that top fiat currencies are linked to it in more than one way. While the adoption of Bitcoin in mainstream finance is a welcome development and a sure sign of the utility of cryptocurrencies, the negative side of this is that it has made Bitcoin … Read more

Four Bullish Trends To Watch Out For

Things have been looking a bit shadowy in the cryptocurrency industry, with Bitcoin declining almost by 50% since the period of all-time high as of November 2021. Although there are precise trends that indicate a shift is in view.  Bitcoin is presently on to its 12th week of the principal reduction since the all-time high, … Read more

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