Bitcoin (BTC): What Near-Term Investors Need to Know Before Exiting

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The world’s leading crypto, Bitcoin, relies on two primary triggers for support. Precisely, the mining activity & transactional requirements through the Lightning Network. However, the former seems to have taken a massive blow, whereas the latter still leads the network to new heights.

Here’s the Correlation

The latest crypto market crash trapped Bitcoin miners within the marketplace. Moreover, the 2022 intense downside forced underwater miners to sell amidst deteriorated market atmosphere. Beware that BTC mining is energy-exhaustive and a load that allows rapid down or up adjustment with extreme precision at no additional cost.

These facets make it a unique alternative for electric grid stabilization via demand response. Meanwhile, things went south for Bitcoin enthusiasts, not the highlighted company (energy). A Texas BTC miner saw more machines turn off than Bitcoin mining in July. Though that might sound strange, it is what happened.

Riot Blockchain saw power credits worth $9.5 million in July, substantially high than their BTC production this month, worth $6.9 million (318 BTC). Here is how it was logical.

Riot Blockchain condensed 8,468 MWh last month to earn the power credits, earning $1,122 per curtailed MWh. The tweet stated that directing this power to mine BTC would have generated nearly $140/MWh, making them massively fiscally incentivized to limit production.

However, the question remains, should miners resort to the waiting game as the market highlights imminent recovery?

The latest signals of miners reviving from recent market weakness had their Bitcoin balances hitting a new multi-year peak. Miner wallet balance surged 0.37% (or 6,885 BTC) between July 6, when reserves touched a local low and July 29 peaks.

Greener Pasture

On the bullish front, Bitcoin’s recognized scaling transactional system presented growth. Reports from Arcane Research show the leading platform recorded impressive growth. That’s according to the Cash App by Block, which incorporated the Lightning Network. That allows its United States investors to send BTC for free globally.

In growth, users increased from 100,000 to more than 80 million clients within months. The metric remained elevated at the moment. Moreover, Bitcoin Visuals shows nodes exceeded 17K, suggesting surged user adaption.

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