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Claim Justice logoIf you are an online trader, investor or consumer the term website security might not be alien to you. Website security ensures protection against cyberattacks, something that has become very  common as the world adopts more and more internet technology. As cyberattack increases so does reliance on security providing platforms. Claim Justice is one such security provider that is becoming popular by the day owing to the tools and facilities it has to offer.

Claim Justice offers a variety of services ranging from recovery of funds from unregulated platforms to taking actions against fraudulent activities. At Claim Justice there is an expert team ready to guide you through the entire process.

How Claim Justice Works?

When you realize you have been scammed, the next step is to lodge a complaint on some security providing platform. When Claim Justice receives a complaint it reviews the details in order to determine whether funds lost can even be retrieved. So the first step is to establish whether it is a valid claim that can be proceeded with further. Then the user or complainant provides the platform with all the required information. Claim Justice will get to work as soon as you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the platform.

The complainant is matched with the expert who can best deal with their particular kind of complaint. This ensures that the person dealing with your issue has the required expertise and therefore chances of a resolve are higher. These experts after assessing your complaint determine the best possible solution to reclaim what is rightly yours.

Claim Justice homepageAvoiding Email Scams

One very common type of scam is email scam and Claim Justice gives you tips on how one can avoid such scams. These emails are mostly called spam emails as they spam your junk and inbox with promotional contents and unsecure links. These spam emails are a very common way of duping innocent people and robbing them of their investments and savings. The creators of these emails using your first name and email address make you believe that what they offer is in fact genuine.

The emails range from news regarding you winning a lottery to someone approaching you for a job. If you receive an email that asks you for your personal credentials such as bank account details never give out the same. An authentic and real business or company would never ask for such sensitive information over email. Genuine businesses care about the customer’s security and, therefore, do not use online mediums such as emails to take personal information. You should be cautious enough to recognize what type of an email is in fact a scam and might end you up in trouble.

Scams Related to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is literally on the top of the list of digital assets that are prone to scams. One such scam that is very common is the Bitcoin trading robot scam. Bitcoin trading robots are a program that is built using complex algorithms to make sales and purchases on behalf of the traders. The robots are active 24/7 allowing for sale and purchase to take place throughout the day.

While trading robots generate more profits in the short-run, nonetheless over the time scam robots have also made place in the market. If some sensitive information is fed into these fake robots then your information might get stolen. At Claim Justice it is recommended to avoid using these trading robots as the risks are higher than its advantages. The platform has experts that specialize in bitcoin trading robots, therefore if you have been scammed by one then you don’t need to worry much. All the aggrieved person has to do is lodge a complaint revealing the details of the type of scam.

Forex Broker Scams

Since the very beginning of online trading have scammers created hurdles for investors and traders. The trading market including the forex market is suffering at the hands of these scammers. These scammers construct bogus but attractive webpages and platforms to trick traders and disappear in a blink of an eye after robbing traders. There have been reported incidents of fraud where scam websites have shut down as soon as they’ve been successful in looting users. After the websites/platforms have been closed there is no way they can be tracked or traced down.

There have also been incidents where entire trading platforms have been replicated which even professional traders can’t distinguish from the genuine ones. At times they create Pyramid schemes in which traders unknowingly and unintentionally also drag their friends into the scam.

Finding Legit Brokers

It is a tedious task to find a legit broker, however, it is not impossible. You must be very cautious and read up on your chosen platform or broker before you start trading on it. Sometimes the reviews available online prove to be very helpful in determining the right kind of genuine trading platform. These security websites also help you fish out the genuine ones from the fake ones. For instance Claim Justice on their website has listed down a list of fake brokers that you must be wary of.

You must never get excited when you see a platform promising high returns or unrealistic profits in exchange of meager amount. Platforms offering unrealistic profits have often-times known to be fake and bogus. Their only goal is to entice traders to invest and then rob them of that investment as soon as they receive it. Claim Justice also offers its services before you can make the final choice of broker. It is always best to get advice and take consultation from experts before you register with a platform or brokerage.

Final Thoughts

Online fraud and scams have multiplied manyfold in the recent past and so has the demand for security providers. Claim Justice has, therefore, come with unique methods to help you play it safe online. The website is worth a visit if you really are looking into choosing a platform with the least risks. Claim Justice believes in fairness and justice, therefore, it has employed tools that will help traders and secure their interests.

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