These Growth Stocks Might Make You Richer in 2022 Second Half

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2022’s first half is over. Meanwhile, the financial world struggled with S&P 500 witnessing its worst H1 in over 50 years. Most investors watched their holdings crash. Nevertheless, the stock market will not stay in stagnation forever. Here are lucrative stocks that can earn your impressive return in 2022 H2.

Novocure (NVCR)

The last 12 months had Novocure stock losing over two-thirst of market capitalization. The biotech shares plummeted by 23% in 2022 first half as the broad market slumped. Nevertheless, the narrative might shift soon for Novocure.

The firm plans to publish outcomes from three studies assessing its TTField (Tumor Treating Fields) therapy. Meanwhile, the crucial one is the late-state research targeting NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer).

We can stay optimistic about the NSCLC results. In April last year, the research’s monitoring committee suggested accelerating the learning since it appeared as possibly unethical and likely unnecessary to enroll patients in the control appendage. That seemed a massive hint that TTFields therapy can treat NSCLC.

Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM)

The past few days saw the Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM) stock over 50% down YTD. However, the past week saw its shares skyrocketing after the firms unveiled that the United States Food & Drug Administration proposed labeling for AXS-05 experimental drug in treating MDD (major depressive disorder).

That represents a crucial step toward winning FDA certification for Axsome’s AXS-05 within the MDD experiment. Also, Axsome evaluated a medicine for treating Alzheimer’s. Financial analysts believe the drug might generate heightened sales of over $1 billion upon approval.

Moreover, Axsome is collaborating with the FDA to solve manufacturing, controls, and chemistry problems with the AXS-07 regulatory approval in curing migraine. The firm trusts the subjects are addressable and expects a New Drug Application’s expeditious resubmission.

Also, Axsome wants to acquire Sunosi, a sleep-disorder drug, from Jazz Pharmaceuticals. The drug saw sales more than doubling last year to $57.9M. These possible lucrative developments make Axsome’s market cap of about $1.5B appear cheap. The stock seems to boast a high probability of generating impressive gains in the 2022 second half.

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