FTX Partner With Visa To Introduce Debit Card in 40 Nations 

The popular payment giant Visa has signed a deal with FTX, a crypto exchange firm. The partnerships aim to enable crypto holders in over 40 Nations to use digital assets. Visa To Launch Crypto Debit Cards In More Nations  As part of the deal, Visa will provide cryptocurrency debit cards in over 40 countries. The … Read more

Futures Slump As Oil Prices Spike Trigger Inflation Worries

The United States stock index futures took a hit Thursday as surging oil prices kicked off another inflation concern. Another Crumbling Equity Trading The equity market was panicking over fears of a possible interest hike. According to the Wednesday stock report, the Federal Reserve’s previous actions have made the market more vulnerable than ever.  As … Read more

Bank Of Russia Introduces Digital Currencies To Banking Chart Of Accounts

The Central Bank of Russia is taking the necessary steps to make the swift shift to digital finance a reality with the latest addition of virtual assets as part of the reformed banking chart of accounts. Russian Banks to Include Digital Assets in Accounting Books With the new drafts of the banking chart of accounts, … Read more

European Stocks Tumble As BOE Intervention Fades

Another day, yet another scare for the already struggling European economy, as stocks closed lower on Thursday after the BOE attempted to stabilize the market. Europe’s Stocks Slide Again Reports indicate that the pan-European platform, Stoxx 600, is down 1.8%, with automotive stocks leading the slumps with 5%. This implies that the significant market has … Read more

Stock Futures Decline After S&P 500 Set New Low, 10-Year Treasury Yield Hits 4%

Wednesday’s stock market was in disarray following traders’ difficulty in finding their footings following the slump in the S&P 500 as it battled a bearish low in the previous session. Europe Stocks in Fresh Turmoil Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 57 points — roughly 0.2%. S&P 500 futures tumbled 0.4%, while Nasdaq 100 futures … Read more

DOW Drops 100 Points As British Pound Continues Decline

Monday September 26 was another bloody day for the stock market as investors rued rising interest rates and the surging forex debacle on the equity market. Dow Jones Plunges as Foreign Currency Plunges On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at its lowest as investors expressed concerns over surging interest rates. In addition, the … Read more

HSBC Cautions Investors Over Dwindling European Stocks

Europe faces a bleak economic outlook following a series of supply disruptions all over the bloc and the impact of the war between Russia and Europe on energy and food supplies. Investment Banking Giant Warns Investors as Stocks Plummet Willem Sels, HSBC’s global chief investment officer, revealed that investors should steer clear of Europe. In … Read more

Central Banks Panic As Inflation Spikes Amid Rate Hikes

The current situation facing most central banks is too delicate as policymakers struggle to keep the biting inflation under control with little success. Missed CPI Index The consumer price index (CPI) consensus prediction for the United States was off target. The CPI index increased by 0.1% when experts believed it would decline. However, analysts must … Read more

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