Helium Price Forecast – Will IMPT Outshine HNT in Profitability Race?

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Launched in 2013, Helium remains the crypto with the noblest use case within the cryptocurrency community – offering free Wi-Fi globally. The original motive was to build the first peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized wireless platform and streamline internet connection.

Nevertheless, Helium is yet to explore its full potential, despite diligent work by HNT developers to upgrade and advance the network. As a result, the project remains far from its November 2021 all-time highs, and the past few months have recorded visible struggles.

Though the devs are working on launching new features, analysts believe Helium will have challenges competing with IMPT (IMPT.io) regarding profitability. Meantime, IMPT has concluded a highly successful pre-sale, raising more than $20.5 million.

The environmental-friendly crypto attained listing on exchanges Changelly PRO and LBank, awaiting more soon, and analysts trust the project will explode in the coming year.

Helium Crypto Price Forecast 2022 – 2025

Helium registered impressive weekly price upticks during its first pivot to digital currencies in 2019. The alternative token recorded an upside spree to an ATH in November last year, when it changed hands at the $54.88 peak.

Nevertheless, the trend couldn’t persist, and HNT witnessed sudden market cap and value declines. Some months of downs and ups saw the alternative asset plunging to the lowest mark in April this year (2022) when the marketplace was readying for an immense bearish wave.

Helium encountered resistance around its target of $10. Nonetheless, the alt surrendered the war as the bears won. While publishing this blog, Helium has hovered at its all-time low region since the fall of November. Nevertheless, experts trust the alt will maintain an upside trajectory in the coming years.

The forecast is $6.38 in 2023, $11.96 in 2024, $18.42 in 2025, and $27.01 in 2026. Many trust HNT will flourish as the project wants to solve real-world issues using technology and has collaborated with renowned platforms and companies. Interestingly, some economists trust HNT might hit $250 by 2030 to join the top ten cryptocurrencies in the market capitalization list.

IMPT’s Blazing Pre-sale – a Promising Green Token

IMPT is a cryptocurrency platform aiming to revolutionize the carbon credit marketplace and trim the impact of the disastrous carbon footprint. IMPT wants to capitalize on Ethereum’s capabilities to reduce air pollution, global warming, climate change, and hazardous emissions.

Nonetheless, it will require the help of large corporations and individual users to attain that. Platform users can buy, mint, trade, or sell carbon credits in NFT form. They can then mint the credits into NFTs or exchange them for IMPT.

Users can sell non-fungible tokens on secondary markets, and some sales will spontaneously go to eco-friendly organizations globally. So far, the network has partnered with Microsoft, Apple, Adidas, Hugo Boss, and many influential firms.

Final Thought

Helium is among the unique projects with substantial causes and ready to help individuals globally. It plans to utilize an advanced blockchain platform and node hotspots to ensure free internet worldwide. Beyond that might be needed to guarantee massive price surges, HNT developers are active in upgrading the network, and analysts trust HNT will propel amidst that.

But until then, market participants can consider alternatives such as IMPT, which boasts a noble cause and exhibits a bright future. Moreover, if you want quicker returns, IMPT has shown massive potential and does not slow down soon.

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